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    Wandering Scots Waverley – Outlander Video Panel – Required Homework:  Get Your Scots Dialects Together!

    Outlander-Promo-Photo-outlander-2014-tv-series-37426309-1200-900In preparation for our upcoming online video panel discussion of Sir Walter Scott’s “Waverley” and Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series, our first Panel Moderator Dr. Caroline McCracken – Flesher has given us all a wee bit of homework!  Make sure that you tune up your Scottish dialects before January 31st as ye’ll need tae ken wots bin said!


    A Sad Announcement:

    imageWe are saddened to bring news of the unexpected death of Charles LordUntitled1 Kennedy, the hereditary Chief of Clan Kennedy on January 15th in Florida. He was 58. Charles KenneYou may read a brief account of Lord Kennedy’s life here.dy was attending the Central Florida Highland Games with his Clan. Lord Kennedy was an energetic supporter of the Scottish Clan and Family tradition and he was well loved by his own clansfolk. The loss of this strong advocate for Scottish heritage and clan tradition is a loss to all Scottish clansfolk across the globe. Our thoughts during this difficult time are with Lord Kennedy’s family and his Clan.  We are assured by those who knew Charles Kennedy best that he died doing what he loved most – supporting and representing Marquess_of_Ailsa_COA.svghis ancient clan and family all across the world.

    You may read a brief account of Lord Kennedy’s life here.


    Wandering Scots Book Club:

    Mark Your Calendars For January 31st: Waverley – Outlander Video Panel Shapes Up To Be Awesome!
    Pup's heading to his laptop to watch the Waverley - Outlander Video Panel!

    Pup’s heading to his laptop to watch the Waverley – Outlander Video Panel!

    We are becoming very excited about the upcoming video discussion panel on January 31 from 1:30pm – 3:00pm ET featuring Outlander author Diana Gabaldon and an outstanding cast of scholars and experts to discuss Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley and Ms. Gabaldon’s Outlander. Panel moderator Dr. Caroline McCracken – Flesher is putting together some great topics and questions for discussion. Let us know if you have a question for the panel and we will make sure it gets to them.

    Read More >


    COSCA Grabs Media Spotlight Once Again:

    COSCA – Rural Hill Partnership Gains North Carolina Attention
    A police pipe band from Texas plays in a circle around their drummers at the Rural Hill Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games. (Herald Weekly file photo)

    A police pipe band from Texas plays in a circle around their drummers at the Rural Hill Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games. (Herald Weekly file photo)

    Folks in the great state of North Carolina are beginning to sit up and take note of the exciting future in the works for COSCA, Rural Hill and the entire Scottish American community.  Check out the latest article from The Herald Weekly!  We sure hope you can join us at the Rural Hill Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games this year for a great celebration!

    Read More >


    Huge Exciting Announcement:

    RH_IndexCOSCA’s 4th Annual Scottish Clan & Family Caucus Moves To Historic Rural Hill As COSCA & HRH Continue To Work Toward A New Scottish Heritage Center!
    The Cultural Center at Rural Hill

    State of the art conferencing facilities at Rural Hill will host COSCA’s 4th Annual Scottish Clan & Family Caucus as well as workshops and seminars throughout the games weekend steps away from the games field.

    In light of positive collaborative discussions with Historic Rural Hill, Inc., COSCA is delighted to bring the 4th Annual Scottish Clans & Families Caucus to Rural Hill on Friday, April 17, 2015 just prior to the Loch Norman Highland Games. A variety of Caucus workshops and seminars will also be held onsite throughout the Games weekend. The educational theme of the 2015 Scottish Clan & Family Caucus traces the impact upon Scotland of the dramatic interactions between Gaels and key ‘outlander’ cultures: Norse, English and American. A fantastic lineup of speakers and workshops will be announced soon.

    The Council of Scottish Clans & Associations (COSCA) and Historic Rural Hill, Inc. (HRH) are excited also to announce that our organizations are engaged in positive and exciting discussions aimed at reaching an agreement to allow COSCA and HRH to collaboratively establish a world class Scottish heritage center in accordance with the HRH Master Plan on the phenomenal site at Rural Hill outside of Huntersville, North Carolina.

    [Read The Joint COSCA/HRH Media Release Here]


    Heritage should never come to an end.


    But who makes sure?

    Heritage, language, places, relics, culture, values, ancestry.  They can all pass away in a surprised and exasperated heartbeat.  Unfortunately there is no governmental ‘Department of Scottish American Heritage’ that will keep our very special culture and history alive and relevant in this forward looking age.  

    How can we know that Scottish heritage will be strong and active for our children’s children?  For the next thousand years?  For ever?  [Read more … ]  



    COSCA is delighted to bring you a new partnership with
    University of the Highlands and Islands.

    We have had the privilege of working with the great and talented folks at UHI to bring COSCA individual members an outstanding – and may we say ‘Exclusive‘ – opportunity to take advantage of UHI’s cutting edge heritage programs and distance learning environments at a significantly reduced tuition.  This is indeed a remarkable opportunity for anyone who has always wanted to pursue a Scottish heritage degree or has wanted to just ‘dip a toe’ in it to check it out.

    We encourage you to check this one out.  Our contact at UHI for this program is Prof. Donna Heddle and her contact info is1 provided if you follow the magic link below.  She is a very nice lady who has so many answers for you and she does not bite.



    COSCA’s Most Excellent Trip To Scotland And Grandfather Mountain!

    Part 1:  Scotland!

    For the best part of June and July this year, COSCA was at the forefront of both games of the biggest double header in recent Scottish American history:  Scotland’s Homecoming 2014 signature event Bannockburn Live! in Stirling, Scotland followed by the 59th Annual Grandfather Mountain Highland Games back home in North Carolina.  Below is the round up of what happened in Scotland.  In a nutshell, it was awesome.  Absolutely awesome.

    Read More »

    Part 2:  Grandfather Mountain!

    We have said it before and we’ll say it again: It is difficult to beat Grandfather Mountain Highland Games for Scottish American color and pomp. It is truly a spectacle each and every year. 2014 was no different. Fortunately, this year brought much improved weather over the downpours of last year, sunshine ruled and nothing was cancelled!