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    COSCA is delighted to bring you a new partnership with
    University of the Highlands and Islands.

    We have had the privilege of working with the great and talented folks at UHI to bring COSCA individual members an outstanding – and may we say ‘Exclusive‘ – opportunity to take advantage of UHI’s cutting edge heritage programs and distance learning environments at a significantly reduced tuition.  This is indeed a remarkable opportunity for anyone who has always wanted to pursue a Scottish heritage degree or has wanted to just ‘dip a toe’ in it to check it out.

    We encourage you to check this one out.  Our contact at UHI for this program is Prof. Donna Heddle and her contact info is1 provided if you follow the magic link below.  She is a very nice lady who has so many answers for you and she does not bite.



    COSCA Makes Headlines With International Clan Gatherings Report

    COSCA is in the news again! Before you read The Herald Scotland article however, understand that it’s a wee bit of a mean spirited take on our International Clan Gatherings report. The Herald’s article misses the primary purpose of the working group, survey and final ICG report. The primary task was and is to look forward to determine the best approach to future ICGs. The Working Group made great progress on that charge and work continues as we investigate 2018 or 2019 possibilities. We look forward to working with everyone who is interested in Scotland including the Scottish government to ensure that the next international Scottish clan & family gathering will be an awesome life changing experience for thousands.

    We do have one CORRECTION to the ICG report: Under the heading “2014 Gathering” on page 3 there is a major error in the following sentence:

    “First the Stirling Council and then the National Trust for Scotland (“NTS”) seriously dropped the ball, with no Gathering being planned.”

    The reference to NTS having “dropped the ball” here is entirely erroneous as NTS did all it could to help make lemonade from the lemons left to us all by Stirling Council. We appreciate and respect the great work and effort of NTS on the Bannockburn Live event. We apologize for the error and will revise the report to reflect this correction.

    Take a look at The Herald Scotland article HERE.

    Read the 2013 – 2014 International Clan Gatherings Working Group DSCN1408Final Report.

    This is the report commissioned at the 2013 Scottish Clan & Family Caucus.  Good Stuff!!

    ICG Final Report

    COTS_mailchimp_2Children of the Smoke:
    Painting Alban Ribbons

    Possibly the most evasive task before the Council of Scottish Clans & Associations is that of painting the colorful unbroken ribbons of Scottish heritage that begin in Scotland, then flow across the Atlantic and eventually into to every nook and cranny across the globe.

    The ribbons signify several things.  They tell us that we have a heritage – a pretty darn cool heritage.  Critically though, the ribbons also connect heritage to humans – to contemporary Scottish Americans.  The ribbons signify that we are fundamentally tethered to our past, be it good or ill or both.  Heritage is there to educate us and to explain better who we are today – so long as we choose to recognize and embrace it.  The greater one’s grasp on one’s own heritage, the greater the insight into one’s personal identity.  It’s only common sense but for centuries history (and historians) have conspired against heritage having much impact for Scots.  Unlike many other American ethnic cultures, Scottish Americans are still working on it.  [Read more ... ]



    COSCA’s Most Excellent Trip To Scotland And Grandfather Mountain!

    Part 1:  Scotland!

    For the best part of June and July this year, COSCA was at the forefront of both games of the biggest double header in recent Scottish American history:  Scotland’s Homecoming 2014 signature event Bannockburn Live! in Stirling, Scotland followed by the 59th Annual Grandfather Mountain Highland Games back home in North Carolina.  Below is the round up of what happened in Scotland.  In a nutshell, it was awesome.  Absolutely awesome.

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    Part 2:  Grandfather Mountain!

    We have said it before and we’ll say it again: It is difficult to beat Grandfather Mountain Highland Games for Scottish American color and pomp. It is truly a spectacle each and every year. 2014 was no different. Fortunately, this year brought much improved weather over the downpours of last year, sunshine ruled and nothing was cancelled!




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