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Scottish individuals, clans, societies and businesses are all invited to join COSCA.  Be a part of it!




    DSCN1408                           Please join us for COSCA’s Annual General Meeting on

                                   Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 2:00pm

               at the Grandfather Mountain Chieftains’ Tent.


    Report from the 22nd Annual Rural Hill Scottish Festival & Loch Norman Highland Games!

    Council of Scottish Clans & Associations (COSCA)
    4th Annual Clan and Family Caucus

    COSCA presented its 4th Annual Caucus April 17th – 19th, in the May Davidson Cultural Center at Historic Rural Hill, Huntersville, NC, in conjunction with the Loch Norman Games. The theme was: “Launching the Future of Scottish Heritage, Without Losing Sight of the Past”. Despite wretched weather all weekend, the indoor event was very successful—the best yet–with over 75 registered attendees. The Caucus provided an opportunity for attendees to learn more about their Scottish heritage and look to the future of Scottish Heritage Studies in the United States. The key note opening address was given by Dr. Joseph Morrow, Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland.

    The discussion was moderated by John King Bellassai, Vice President, Council of Scottish Clans and Associations. and Dr. Bruce Durie. Panel members included:
    • John McInnes, President, International Association of Clan MacInnes.
    • Michael McAlpin, President, Clan MacAlpin Society.
    • John Cherry, St. Andres Society of Detroit
    • Andrew Morrison, Viscount Dunrossil
    • Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor, Chief of the Name and Arms of Clan Gregor
    • Malcolm Buchanan, President, Scottish Australian Heritage Council (by Skype)
    • Dr. Joseph Morrow, Lord Lyon King of Arms
    During the lunch hour Dr. Bruce Durie, Genealogist and Historian, and Dr. Michael Newton, Celtic and Gaelic Scholar, debated a topic selected to entertain all (the annual :academic food fight”) which has become a staple of these caucuses).

    The Afternoon Educational Session featured presentations on the theme “When Gaels Meet the World”, which traced the cultural impact of Gaeldom’s encounters with Vikings, Britons, and Americans. Topics and speakers included:

    • Vikings: Raiders and Traders”, Professor Donna Heddle, Director, Center for Nordic Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands; and Thor Ewing, Medieval and Celtic Scholar, Commander of Clan Ewing.

    • “The British: English and non-Gael Scots”. Fiona Armstrong, Lady MacGregor, writer, historian, and Borders TV documentary film producer presented a discourse on the Borders and Border Reivers influences.

    Weekend Workshop Menu

    Saturday, April 18th

    8:00 am – 11:30 Introductory Scottish
    Genealogy Class with a North Caroline Flair!
    11:30 am – 1:00pm Unlocking Understanding and perpetuating Scottish Family Legacy
    1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Exploring the History of Scottish Literature.
    2:30 pm – 3:30 pm A Gaelic afternoon with Dr. Michael Newton

    Sunday, April 18th

    8:30 am – 9:30 am Small Clan Focus: Fundraising Readiness with John Cochran
    9:30 am – 11:30am Scottish Genealogy Master Class presented by Dr. Bruce Durie
    12:00 noon-1:30pm Unlocking, Understanding and Perpetuating Scottish Family Legacy





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    Heritage should never come to an end.

    1387266675But who makes sure?

    Heritage, language, places, relics, culture, values, ancestry.  They can all pass away in a surprised and exasperated heartbeat.  Unfortunately there is no governmental ‘Department of Scottish American Heritage’ that will keep our very special culture and history alive and relevant in this forward looking age.  

    How can we know that Scottish heritage will be strong and active for our children’s children?  For the next thousand years?  For ever?  Read more …