Bootcamp Rumblings: Convenor Handbooks, Fundraising and Mentors

imageA few years ago, COSCA created a vehicle to carry our training webinars and other resources to Scottish clan, family and other societies so that they could more effectively meet their own missions and responsibilities to their members. We call it COSCA’s Leadership Boot Camp. We have received many requests to produce more training webinars and to provide more helpful online resources for our organizational members.

We hear you and we agree. The first step is to collect a bit of wind and a good pile of coal to enable the ship to continue steaming away and to bring our members great benefits like webinars and live discussions. You can help move SS COSCA through the swell by Joining COSCA as an individual member ($25). Then please encourage all of your friends and Scottish American colleagues to join us as well. Every single membership counts. True story.

Great! Now you’ve come aboard as a crew member on the SS COSCA! Here are a few of the great things going on at COSCA’s Leadership Boot Camp.

Fundraising Readiness Pilot Program: COSCA is looking for a few spirited Scottish societies to take part in an exciting and dynamic fundraising, membership and board development program. We are working with an outstanding non profit consulting partner to develop a program to provide COSCA organizational members access to professional advice and help with fundraising, membership and other non profit essentials. The goal of the Fundraising Readiness Pilot Program is to build complete fundraising plans ready for implementation by capable Scottish societies within a 4 month intensive learning by doing period alongside a very capable professional fundraising tutor.

Once our pilot project Scottish societies are truly well prepared to raise revenue and have crafted a plan for doing so, continuing access to professional consulting will be available in a package and rate structure that COSCA has negotiated and that makes sense and is feasible for each of our participating member organizations. Not too bad, eh?

That is it! We want to make your Scottish society a non profit fundraising jugger naught and we are pretty sure we have created a program that will do that with frightening success! So if your Scottish society is interested in growing and thriving and greatness, please shoot us a note at There are some qualifications for the pilot group (are you a 501c3 and are you a COSCA member sort of thing). We will chat and see if your organization is a great fit for the pilot group and we’re off to the races! Don’t waste time getting in touch with us as we hope to launch the 4 month program by February 1.

Clan & Family Games Convenor Handbooks: Hey folks – lets help the rookies out there. COSCA receives many requests for a standard handbook for new or struggling games tent convenors. Of course it isn’t just about what to put inside your tent once you figure out how to get it standing upright. Often state convenors for clan and family societies receive precious little help from their own clan organizations. No one’s fault, just a challenge.

So, if your clan or family or other Scottish society has developed a Convenor Handbook PLEASE send COSCA a digital file. We will post the Handbooks on COSCA.Scot so that other organizations can use them to build their own programs and so that individuals can poach great information from more experienced colleagues! That is how it is supposed to work. And its easy. So Please! Send us your Convenor Handbooks! Thanks!

COSCA Mentors: Have you ever heard of COSCA’s Mentor program? Well, it’s a good one. Not rocket science but almost as helpful as duct tape. COSCA matches experienced veteran clan, family and Scottish society leaders, volunteers and professionals with our less experienced or just plain stumped Scottish American brothers and sisters facing some particularly tough challenges. Simple right? Yep and it works.

Needs two things. If you would like to be a mentor to another Scottish organization please get in touch. Send that note to Info@COSCA.Scot and let us know a little bit about you, your background and how you envision your ability to help.

If, on the other hand, you would like some help from a friendly and helpful Scottish American cousin, just let us know. Info@COSCA.Scot. Tell us what ails ya. We’ll send the Doc.

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