Dig It! 2015: A year long celebration of Scottish archaeology

Fuday wreck for webDespite the fact that one might make some very snarky comments about two branches of the Scottish Government just having named two different years as Scotland’s Year of Archaeology – we will not be snarky.  Indeed, we are delighted although a bit late to the game for 2015.

Some time ago, Visit Scotland announced 2017 as Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.  COSCA has already set wheels in motion on some really great ideas to help celebrate 2017 in an ancient ruins, dirty knees, digging up bones and weapons sort of a way.  So, imagine our pleasant surprise when Scottish Culture & External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop recently announced a fabulous “year-long celebration of Scottish archaeology” … underway right now throughout 2015.


Dig It! 2015, a year-long celebration of Scottish archaeology, has teamed up with a number of images (6)organizations including National Museums Scotland, Historic Scotland/RCAHMS and local groups to kick off the festivities. The overarching theme of Dig It! 2015 is “identities”, the connection of people to place over time and gives the opportunity for everyone to get involved.

From January to December, Dig It! 2015 will offer a wide variety of events, ensuring that young people and adults alike have the chance to discover and tell Scotland’s stories through archaeology. Over three hundred and sixty-five events, from Orkney to the Scottish Borders, are already scheduled with many more to be added throughout the year.

Well, if this is what is going on in 2015, we cannot wait to hear what is in the works for 2017!  Of course we do not have to wait.  Check out Dig It! 2015 now and get involved if you can!


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