Ghosts of St. Kilda Tell Their Tales Online: National Trust For Scotland Introduces The World To Mr. & Mrs. MacLauchlan of St. Kilda

images (5)Slightly more than 100 years ago, from 1906 – 1909 Alice and Peter MacLauchlan diaried their daily lives as Minister and Minister’s Wife on the most outback of Scotland’s back of beyond, the archipelago of St. Kilda.  St. Kilda is now, fortunately but mournfully, a World Heritage Site. The island emptied the last of its people onto the mainland in 1930 and the human history of St. Kilda came to an end.

NTS has made the decision to make significant extracts of the MacLauchlan diaries available online, exactly as they were written.  In a nod to the 85th anniversary of the last agonal breath of St. Kilda’s human community, NTS will coordinate posting of the daily extracts with the days they were written from January 1906 through May 1909.  The daily extracts available now (from January 19 – June 2015) mirror the time that the MacLauchlans lived in the village of Garva outside of Inverness prior to the couple’s relocation to St. Kilda.  Beginning August, readers will be able to read of Alice and Peter MacLauchlan’s daily life on St. Kilda, diaried between August 1906 and May 1909.  No doubt a fabulous tale of historical Non fiction!  Check it out and follow along!

The MacLauchlan Diary is available now on the NTS website.



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