King Robert de Brus Wants YOU To Join COSCA!


Join COSCA Today!

What happens when you Join COSCA?

Well, first of all, you avoid immediate royal forfeiture of your lands, castles, titles and estates and maintain a happy productive life for the rest of your days, happily bestowing the fruit of your endeavors to your children at the time of your natural death at an old age surrounded by loved ones at home in your tidy cottage which is conveniently not on fire, none of which would occur were you NOT to join COSCA.

You also add your voice to your friends’ and colleagues’ voices who are standing ready to play a part in the future of Scottish heritage in America and across the globe. Not everyone will but some must.

You help give COSCA the juice to offer more and better:

• educational programs like the Wandering Scots Book Club and the annual Scottish Clan & Family Caucus presentations and workshops;
• service and support for Scottish American Clan, Family and Scottish Societies such as monthly training webinars, Circuit Riders and other experts in the field to help nurture and grow strong Scottish American grass roots;
• advocacy and networking oin national and international government, commercial, academic and heritage decisions that impact the Scottish Ancestral Diaspora.

You become an awesome ambassador for Scottish heritage because COSCA and our growing Team keeps you informed, supported and passionate about all things Scottish.

A simple form, a couple of clicks and $25 avoids all of that royal forfeiture and confiscating and imprisoning/torture/death business and leaves an awesome Scottish American future to your kids.

Join COSCA today! You’ll be glad you did.image

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