Message From The President: Meet COSCA’s New Vice President

IMG_3957Greetings fellow Scots Ancestral Diasporrans!

Here we go on a brand new year. We hope that you all properly launched yourselves into 2015 in your own personal style. If you did it clad with tartan, more’s the better! COSCA’s Scottish crystal ball tells us that 2015 will be a year of growth and success in the Scottish American world. Much to look forward to and nae’ bad news. So lets get started with the good stuff!

COSCA is honored and delighted to announce that John King Bellassai (Clan Gregor) has most generously agreed to COSCA’s request that he accept appointment as COSCA’s Vice President effective January 1, 2015. John has been a very active COSCA Trustee since 2013 and has been a key player in Scottish American Ancestral Diaspora activities and leadership since the Union of the Crowns. I am personally excited to work more closely with John on COSCA’s major projects and all of Clan COSCA welcomes John Bellassai as our new Vice President.

John will be building upon the awesome accomplishments of Ken Scott as COSCA Vice President over the course of the last few years. The force of Ken’s non Scottish life has finally forced him to give it more focus and late in 2014 Ken let us know that he would be stepping down as COSCA’s Vice President in order to keep up with his professional and family obligations. We are delighted that Ken remains on COSCA’s Senior Advisory Team and we wish him all the best in the remarkable work that he does.

One of the very first things that John will be undertaking is coordination of COSCA’s Strategic Plan update. COSCA is now at the close of our 2012 – 2014 Strategic Plan having met and exceeded our goals and objectives. We will publish, discuss and adopt our updated Strategic Plan at the 2015 Scottish Clan & Family Caucus at Historic Rural Hill on April 17. We hope you all can be there to discuss and give us your views. Until then, it is John’s task to take the reins of COSCA’s star studded Caucus Working Group and between now and the end of March, herd them toward a final proposed draft COSCA Strategic Plan 2015 – 2017+.

Stay tuned for news of how COSCA’s Strategery is proceeding!

In the meanwhile, we encourage you to Join COSCA and become part of the most exciting and productive Scottish American work in years. You can join as an individual for $25 per year and by doing so, you keep the wheels turning by letting us know we have your support and approval. Join us and help us offer more training, education, advocacy and … strategery … for all of us with Scottish American ancestry and heritage in our hearts.

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