Watch Live January 31 at 1:30pm EST: Diana Gabaldon Joins Our Expert Panel To Discussion 200 Years Of Historical Fiction

Sam+Heughan+Diana+Gabaldon+Winter+TCA+Tour+olQUGvJ4QyUlWandering Scots Book Club has set up a barn burner for the first video hangout of 2015: Compare and Contrast Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series!

Next Saturday, January 31st from 1:30pm – 3:00pm EST the WSBC Video Hangout panel will focus on the impact and influence of Scott’s timeless novel of the Jacobite highlands Waverley.  We will follow up with Diana and a somewhat different panel on February 28th to turn the tables and focus on Outlander’s approach and innovations in literary depictions of 18th century highland life.

In addition to the incredible amount of fun and entertainment that both of the books have brought to readers through time both novels present serious contributions to the perception and understanding of Scotland, England and the world of the middle 18th Century.  So join in to view this awesome panel discuss 200 Years of Scottish Historical Fiction!

Meet the Wandering Scots Book Club Waverley – Outlander Hangout Panel:

cmcrack1Caroline McCracken-Flesher
Waverley – Outlander Hangout Panel Moderator.

Professor for the Department of English, University of Wyoming, Ph.D., Brown University, M.A., University of Edinburgh.  

Dr. McCracken – Flesher knows Sir Walter Scott more intimately than perhaps any other living human being.  She has gained her insights from original research, study, authorship and rubbing elbows with many other living ‘intimate friends’ of Sir Walter.  Plus, she’s an Outlander fan!  We cannot wait to travel down roads where Caroline leads us along with the rest of this awesome panel!

2012-12-15-diana-on-cliff2-223x300Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon, affectionately called “Herself” by her legions of loyal fans, is the author of the award-winning, #1 NYT-bestselling OUTLANDER novels, described by Salon magazine as “the smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting “Scrooge McDuck” comics.”

Diana’s first book was the classic Outlander which has been followed with a mini library of works including 7 more Outlander Series books and several other spin off series. Over 26 million copies of the Outlander series books are in print worldwide.  Diana Gabaldon has cast a long shadow over the way the modern world perceives Jacobite Scotland!  We are thrilled for the opportunity to chat with her about it.

Fiona Armstrong

Fiona Armstrong, a broadcaster and writer, is now presenting ‘Border Life’ a current affairs program for ITV Border. She has made more than twenty films on clan and borderland families. Fiona also set up the Border Reiver Trail in southern Scotland. She is married to the chief of Clan Gregor and is now working on a biography of a family member who was Scottish literary confidante to Queen Victoria.  We will be looking to Fiona for keen insights into the ‘highlandism’ phenomenon that Sir Walter Scott’s writing fueled so furiously as well as an insight or two into Scottish clan life in the 18th – 20th Centuries.

Brú Na Bóinne Michael Newton

“Dr Michael Newton has a PhD in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh (1998). He has authored several books and numerous articles on numerous aspects of Scottish Gaelic Studies – literature, history, music, dance, human ecology, and more – as it relates to communities in Scotland and North America. Although originally from El Centro, California, he is a fluent Gaelic speaker. He has done pioneering work on the literature and oral traditions of the immigrant legacy in the United States and Canada, but has also been ploughing the margins of the Gàidhealtachd in Scotland, particularly by editing and publishing Gaelic texts from Perthshire. He is an outspoken advocate for cultural and linguistic pluralism, and produced a video documentary about Gaelic in Nova Scotia. His blog is:

01top_11-15-10Kelly Scott Davis

Kelly Scott Davis is the immediate Past Chieftain of Clan Scott Society and an expert on Scott clan history and tradition.

Kelly loves to talk Scottish history, especially of the Clan Scott and Borders variety. He recalls dates, historical figures and events with razor-sharp accuracy.  His unforgettable, booming laugh often accents his comments.  We are very excited to welcome Kelly to the Hangout Panel.



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  1. Sherri Anderson says:

    I am not sure how to access this. Do we go to the COSCO website at the right time and there will be a link? Some direction for us less than techno savy individuals.

  2. Beth Miller says:

    Is there any possibility you will be putting these discussions on utube or on this website in video for those of us who have to work on Saturdays to still view these great events. I have not read Scott’s Waverly but have read others of his novels. I am well aware the significance of his writings as part of the Scottish Renaissance Movement. And Diana Gabaldon is my favorite author . I love to view any video she speaks in . Please Help!!!

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