Bannockburn 700 Update: Things are looking up!

Battle Of BannockburnBannockburn Live Update: Things are looking up!

In the wake of the reshuffling of the Bannockburn Live event, Scottish Clans have secured an exclusive dedicated day of celebration and commemoration on the Bannockburn Battlefield.

For those of you who, like COSCA, are keeping a close eye on developments having to do with the Bannockburn Live celebration this summer in Scotland the last 48 hours have been quite a ride.

After a few days of speculation, on Tuesday, VisitScotland announced that the Bannockburn Live celebration would be scaled back to a two day event with extended hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Although the Bannockburn Live events have been cancelled for Monday, June 30th, VisitScotland and the National Trust For Scotland have agreed to work together with the Clans to create a new event focused entirely on and for the Scottish clans and families who have secured a pitch at Bannockburn.

Many elements are at play in VisitScotland’s decision and you can read VisitScotland’s press release explaining the reshuffle HERE.  COSCA and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs have been in direct discussions with VisitScotland and, after the smoke has cleared a bit, we believe that there really is a good opportunity to design and create a true Clan Day at Bannockburn.

Here is where we are at present:

1.  The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs (SCSC), in discussions with VisitScotland on Tuesday, were able to secure dedicated access to the fabulous new Bannockburn Visitor’s Center, free of charge, on Monday, for the Clans who will be present at Bannockburn Live.  Our thanks go out to the SCSC and VisitScotland for putting this outstanding opportunity together.

2.  We have confirmed that the NTS Bannockburn Battlefield site will be reserved exclusively for the Clans activities on Monday, June 30th.  The events held at Bannockburn on Monday will not be marketed to the public and will be dedicated to the interests of the clans exclusively.  The Monday events will not be part of Bannockburn Live but will instead be considered a brand new event in the long list of Homecoming 2014 events.

3.  We are delighted to be working closely with Clanranald Trust for Scotland to propose to VisitScotland and the National Trust for Scotland a truly exciting and satisfying slate of activities for Monday, June 30th at Bannockburn.  Clanranald is coordinating the Bannockburn Live Re-enactments and Medieval Village.  They have generously offered to make themselves and their re-enactors available for the Monday events.  We don’t yet know exactly what that will look like but we will soon be putting meat on the bones of a very good celebration.

COSCA will be working with our partners, colleagues and friends over the next few weeks to pull together a celebration that meets the needs and interests of the clans and families who will be traveling to Bannockburn in June.  We will be working together with VisitScotland and the National Trust for Scotland to make it all work well.

Toward that end, we will be welcoming any suggestions you may have.  We will be reaching out to the leaders of the Clans and Family societies who will be attending Bannockburn for your thoughts and ideas about how to make Monday, June 30th a great day to be a Scot.  So, if you have a thought or if you would like to become involved in the work, please shoot us an email.  We would love to hear from you.

To keep you updated, we have added a dedicated Bannockburn 2014 page on the website.  We will be populating the page over the next few days so remember to check it out often.

See you in Scotland in June!  Chin up, face the wind!

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  1. Geoff Crolley says:

    Please find pages on Facebook etc which are talking about this and let them know of this fantastic development. You know perfectly well that the media have not been too helpful with good news in the past. I had just added a piece to the Scotsman page concerning the thinning down of days 🙁 please add to that.

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