Highland Titles: Built On Deception & Stolen Heritage Hopefully Soon Gone And Easily Forgotten

metro2For those who have followed the Highland Title saga over the years, you may finally be able to draw this issue to a close, if a pack of Scottish land lawyers have their way.    The entire scheme of selling wee plots of ground in Scotland to buyers who then entitle themselves with really offensive monikers such as Laird and Lady of Glencoe has been found to be faulty and open to unraveling.

Despite being long over due, the collapse of the smarmy Highland Titles empire will not be very surprising when it happens. The people selling the wee plots (1′ x 1′ – you get the picture) are very simply con men, and not the particularly affable lovable types either.  Note the juvenile antics of the Highland Title idiots assaulting ScotClans.com for exposing the legally tenuous stupidity of what Highland Titles does.  Of course we will all keep bothering them with the law and ethics until they are gone but goodness knows others like them exist and someday someone else will come up with some other ridiculous schemes to relieve the world’s prideful, vain and less than honest characters of their money.

The part of the Highland Titles equation that is more difficult to understand is the buyer – the future Lord and Lady Airhorn of Glen No’ Watitseems. Why_do_they_buy_this? Most say ‘aw, its all in good fun’. Fun maybe but a 1’ x 1’ plot of Scottish highlands is no 10 cent small prize at the carnival. The economics of the Highland Titles scam has been significant and you better be prepared to shell out up to several hundred dollars for the privilege of defrauding your friends, colleagues and acquaintances with likely one more representation that you are something you are not – this time with a quaint Scottish theme that clothes you with a convenient air of superiority that is so refreshing these days.  These are con men trading with con men.  A true victimless crime unless one counts the ancient and noble Scottish heritage and those of our ancestors who lived, loved and sacrificed for it.

Take a look at the work of Scottish blogger, author and activist Andy Wightman and others as they have ‘followed the money’ flowing into the Highland Titles coffers. The numbers are surprisingly large and it will surprise few that the trail leads off shore.

We certainly look forward to the day that we can exclaim “Good riddance Highland Titles”. We will not be sad to see you go. But we wonder what your former ‘clients’ will be buying next!


7 responses to “Highland Titles: Built On Deception & Stolen Heritage Hopefully Soon Gone And Easily Forgotten”

  1. Robert More says:

    Interesting story – but I did not see any information that would lead me to believe that this scam will be “soon gone and easily forgotten.” If land reform is the answer, then perhaps in a future edition you can give some space to describe how such reform is progressing, the better to educate those of us who are ignorant on the issue. To an outsider just following the daily news, land reform seems pretty murky and hypothetical.

  2. Peter Brown says:

    This organisation will not give up easily. Having struck gold they will be tenacious in their fight to continue the scheme, ever testing the limits of legality. They overstepped the mark in sending out a promoted tweet, which stirred up a hornets nest – their overbearing dismissive arrogance is bound to let them down again. It is now only a question of when, not if.

    • admin says:

      Thanks both to Peter and Robert. I agree that HT will not give up easily – they won’t give up at all. It will take some form of force. The good news is that if I know ScotClans well, I doubt that they will give up their determination to expose the wrongfulness of what HT does. COSCA will stand with ScotClans in that. Your comments however both point out the fact that it may be necessarily to elevate the intensity of our opposition in order to make a lasting impact. The good news is that there are some very reasonable, rational and well qualified folks who are now engaged beside the highly offended Scottish Diaspora. We remain very interested in the final outcome of the basic legal questions concerning the validity of the ‘thing’ that HT has been hawking.

  3. Dearest Admin

    From the most recent exchange above it implies that we are the scammers who won’t give up not HT! Unless you are aware of an evil plan that we have yet to hatch Im a little confused.

    All we have been able to do is present the evidence we have to the lawyers who are taking an interest in this scheme. fortunately it is showing no signs of going away.

    Glad to clear that up.

    • admin says:

      So Sorry for confusion ScotClans! We only meant that your vigilant campaign AGAINST HT’s garbage (for which we are all thankful) shows no signs of giving up. We are with you!

    • admin says:

      Fixed it Rodger. Edited my horrible writing in the prior post. Thanks for catching that!

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