If Your Kids Were Irish …

If your kids were interested in the ancient Irish language instead of their own Scots Gaelic, they could compete for scholarships to study in Ireland in an awesome immersion program offered through the Irish government’s partnership with the United States government and funded by the National Lottery in Ireland.

Then when their scholarship was awarded, they could fly to Ireland to begin their study on a great cheap flight because airlines create deals to fly to Ireland all the time.

So, by the time your Irish kids got back from their carefully crafted immersion study in their ethnic homeland, you could begin a lifetime of observing as the close and enduring understanding and love for Irish heritage and history is passed along by your Irish American kids to your Irish American grand kids.

Not so much for your Scottish American progeny.  Our folks – especially our young folks – need access to and immersion in the Scottish homeland and the traditional landscape and culture..  It is an area where we all can and should do much to improve and expand realistic opportunities.   It is also an area to begin a cooperative engagement with the Scottish government and Scottish education communities.

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