New Plan To Protect Culloden Battlefield Introduced By Inverness Councillor Ken Gowans


Commemoration Day 2014

On February 25th, Inverness Councillor Ken Gowans reported the following:

“As I promised in January a Planning Paper is coming before the City of Inverness Area Committee (CIAC) on 4th March. The paper outlines the need for a review of the Conservation Area and the extension of that around the greater battlefield area.

The changes are significant enough that, if agreed by CIAC, a six week Public Consultation will be undertaken and the final proposal, informed by the consultation, will go from Highland Council to the Scottish Government for approval. Once approved it becomes part of the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan as Supplementary Guidance. All future planning application must comply with that document if they are to be successful.

The CIAC is broadcast live on the Highland Council website and will be available for 12 months following if you wish to watch this item being discussed. Here is the map with the proposed changes…the red line is marks the current area and green line the new proposed area.”

NOTE:  This change would be a good one and heading in the correct direction and we thank Councillor Gowans for his hard and dedicated work. The change however would not affect the 16 home development scheme that was approved last year.

You can learn more about the battle to save Culloden here.




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  1. Robert More says:

    Would have been nice if you had posted this map in higher pixels. Not possible to review the details in its current format.

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