Scottish Clan Events Fund: A Chance for Scotland to Support Scottish Clans & Families.

3493The Scottish Government has, in recognition of the importance that it places on Clan Tourism to the Scottish economy (that’s their quote not ours), worked with Clan representatives to support the creation of the Scottish Clan Event Fund.  The fund is intended to provide legally constituted Clans and Clan Societies with financial support of up to £5000 for individual events to support additional elements or new activity specifically designed to grow events; expand the visitor experience and spread the benefits of events across the country as a whole.

The next round of funding applications will be opening in April 2015.  If your Clan or Family is considering holding a clan related event in Scotland in 2016, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this support.  Hey – it might make the difference!

“The Scottish Clans Event Fund has provided a welcome boost to Highland Clans in planning and extending their International Clan Gatherings, providing a healthy addition to regional Tourism.  The recognition of the Scottish Government of the importance of the Highland Clans to Ancestral and Heritage Tourism to Scotland today and in the future cannot be understated. The Scottish Clan Event Fund extends the ability of the Highland Clans to immeasurably improve the visitor experience and bring support to local businesses in often fragile communities as well as more community and cultural events to the Highland Region of Scotland.”- John Mackenzie, Earl of Cromartie and joint Chair of the Highland Clan Partnership Group, June 2014

You can keep an eye out for additional information as the April application launch nears at this Scottish Government site.


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