Seven Clan and Family Societies Gain Funding From Scottish Government

castle-leod_600Congratulations to Clan Hannay, Clan Mackenzie, Clan MacRae, Clan MacCauley, Clan Stewart, Clan Hay and Clan Gunn for receiving significant funding boosts for their Scotland based gatherings!  The source of the funding is the Scottish Government’s 2015 Clan Event Fund.  Applications for the current round of funding for events planned in 2016 and 2017 will be open in April.

Think you are planning a Scottish clan or family event that could use a little extra juice? Would you like to learn a bit more about this nifty wee ‘Clan Event Fund”?

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One response to “Seven Clan and Family Societies Gain Funding From Scottish Government”

  1. Yes I would like to know more about funding. There is talk of having our GM in Scotland in 2018 and hopefully to dedicate historic markers on ancient lands of MacKinnon. John McKinnon Chairman of the Board Clan MacKinnon Society

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