The Mackenzie Explains A Clan Chief’s Responsibility In Terms That Hit Home To Mackenzies

The Times 21 March 2015“A castle isn’t just some rich man’s toy, it’s the heartland of a clan and I feel a great responsibility not to let it fall to the ground.  Other countries would give their eye teeth for the misty magic of Scottish history.”  Thus explained the Earl of Cromartie about his deeply felt obligation to ensure that the Clan Mackenzie clan seat does not crumble to dust on his watch as many other Scottish clan landmarks already have.

The clans’ plight has recently caught the eye of the Scottish press and the story provides a another perspective to add to contemporary discussions of land reform and cultural/heritage preservation.

Of course, it will not hurt the effort to maintain Mackenzie’s clan seat Castle Leod to have Outlander author Diana Gabaldon on board and behind the effort!

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2 responses to “The Mackenzie Explains A Clan Chief’s Responsibility In Terms That Hit Home To Mackenzies”

  1. Hello, As a Mackenzie, I have been to the castle and met Lord Cromartie and want to know how I can help? I am a mutil talented artisan of many mediums and wonder how my skill set could apply? Please look at my website and let me know if there are projects I could assist with and who to contact. Thank you. Luceo non Uro, ~Duncan Mackenzie

    • admin says:

      Duncan Mackenzie – I commend you back to Lord Cromartie again as the main man of Mackenzie. He knows what needs be done and I suspect he will put you to work!

      BTW – To Hell You Ride? Aye, from a former Ourayan now on the eastern side of the great San Juans – the biggest baddest mountains in North America. Interested in Rocky Mountain Scottish activities?

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