The Scottish Government Just (very quietly) Announced It Will Develop A New Diaspora Engagement Strategy

Although we are not certain that anyone really heard, Scotland has recently announced it’s intention to sweep off, update and modernize it’s Diaspora Engagement Strategy.  The announcement was made March 25th within the context of the release of Scotland’s new “International Policy Statement”. Here is the reference:

“Scotland has an extensive and valued diaspora who, in sharing and celebrating Scottish successes, culture and traditions abroad, help showcase Scotland to new audiences.  A new Diaspora Engagement Strategy will be developed to set out how we can better engage and connect with our diaspora and the role they can plan in supporting our international ambitions.”

The IPS goes on to mention that Scotland will “continue to support” its overseas offices such as the Scottish Affairs Office based in Washington DC.  Unfortunately there is no detail as to what “continue to support” actually means in terms of the purpose and direction of the Scottish Affairs Office, which has become clouded and unclear following recent changes.

Finally, the IPS does take note of the importance of the solid relationship between Scotland and America but does so without offering any real substance to the generalizations.

“We will continue to prioritise our engagement with the USA and Canada to build on our existing relationships, tourism, cultural, diaspora, trade and investment links; outside of the EU single market, the USA is Scotland’s largest overseas export market, as well as our single biggest overseas tourism market.    The USA also remains Scotland’s biggest source of Foreign Direct Investment, with the USA representing 39 per cent of the market share in 2013.  This engagement will be part of a wider effort to develop stronger relationships throughout the Americas …”

As we said, this is a very quiet announcement.  If you would like to read the entire International Policy Statement, you can to that here.

One response to “The Scottish Government Just (very quietly) Announced It Will Develop A New Diaspora Engagement Strategy”

  1. John MacKay Stillman says:

    If Scotland chooses independence in the future they should follow Ireland’s lead allowing all descendants of Scots who left to different parts of the world the right to have dual citizenship
    They would be American , Canadian , Australian etc but could obtain second citizenship as Scottish citizen
    Many Scots in America who have sent money or raised funds to preserve historic treasures or help charities would love to have dual citizenship
    My Irish friend moved to Ireland for several years and all he had to show was birth certificate of his grandfather
    Just think how many citizens you would have that could stay longer than six months when retired plus buying homes or renting and boost economy

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