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Scottish North American Leadership Conference – Save the dates October 25, 26 & 27, 2013.  This is the 11th conference and this year we go back to North Riverside, Illinois to the home of the ChicagoScots (Illinois St. Andrews Society).  Formal conference topic and invitations to come.  Stay tuned.


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  1. Ginger Kay Stevens says:

    I am a mixed person. My grandmother was Belfast Scot. Her last birthplace is Laurel, MS. She is buried at Fort Sill, Lawton, Oklahoma next to her husband. He is named CWD Travis N. Cates of Edom, TX.
    I need to make contact with Norwegians and Scots because for a long time my family as been English only.
    I am 1/8 Irish also by my great-grandmother who is also from Laurel, MS. Her married name is Reeves and her maiden name is Colman.
    My father is from Freeport, IL. His father is from Waterloo, IA. They are English.
    My father’s mother is from Rutland, IL. She is one half English by her father: Austin. He had a general store downtown in Rutland. She had three sisters and possibly one brother. She went to college at Iowa State University and met my grandfather at church. It was a Christian Science church (the parent is Puritan – Congregationalism) and I am trying to improve my life all the time. I am also losing my three youngest siblings to loss of interest in reality.
    The father of Mary Baker (third husband is Eddy – Sargent legacy at Green Bay) was a New Hampshire Congregational First United Church of Christ minister. His mother was Scottish. He was known to be Calvinist. He was too forceful for Mary Baker whose mother was English Puritan derived.
    I would like to get on an email list. I am living in Madison, WI. There are dwarves here. I am 1 hour by car to Milwaukee and 2 1/2 hours by bus to O’Hare Airport.
    Our family name by Scotland is O’Hare (Ireland Hare).

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