Bannockburn 2014 Clan Pitch Application

Application Deadline Extended to August 12th

If you haven’t already submitted your Clan Pitch application to National Trust for Scotland, you better do it pretty darn quick.  The application deadline has been extended but not for long.  Applications are now due AUGUST 12th!  Take a look at the application HERE.  If you have questions about the application or deadlines you should call 0844 493 2139 or email  Good luck!

Clearly, although we all may want to have our clan organization represented at BannockburnLive in 2014, it will be a difficult and expensive endeavor.  COSCA is exploring the possibility of a joint COSCA, CASSOC and SAHC presence at the Bannockburn Live 3 day event as representatives of member clan organizations that cannot make the trip.  Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. Barbara Gard says:

    I am President of the Clan MacLaren Society of North America. We are seeking information on the BannockburnLive events for our AGM so we may make a decision as to our involvement or not. I would appreciate any detailed information that is available. Thank you, Barbara Gard

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