Collectible Holiday Ornaments Feature Scottish Castles and Support COSCA and National Trust For Scotland

Here is a wonderful way to support the Council of Scottish Clans & Associations as well as The National Trust For Scotland.  New this year, Scotland’s best preserved tower house and one of its most enchanting landmarks, CRAIGIEVAR CASTLE in Aberdeenshire, is the fitting subject of the first annual collectible holiday ornament.  Each hand blown and hand-painted glass ornament, crafted exclusively by European artisans for The National Trust For Scotland Foundation USA, benefits the NTSUSA Preservation Fund maintained for the National Trust For Scotland and the benevolent programs of the Council of Scottish Clans & Associations.  images

The inaugural ornament in the NTSUSA annual Scottish Castle Collection begins with this beautifully crafted keepsake.  It will brighten your holiday season AND directly safeguard the irreplaceable cultural properties of the NATIONAL TRUST FOR SCOTLAND and benefit COSCA’s important mission.

Order Your 2013 Craigievar Castle HERE




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