COSCA Makes Headlines With International Clan Gatherings Report

COSCA is in the news again! Before you read The Herald Scotland article however, understand that it’s a wee bit of a mean spirited take on our International Clan Gatherings report. The Herald’s article misses the primary purpose of the working group, survey and final ICG report. The primary task was and is to look forward to determine the best approach to future ICGs. The Working Group made great progress on that charge and work continues as we investigate 2018 or 2019 possibilities. We look forward to working with everyone who is interested in Scotland including the Scottish government to ensure that the next international Scottish clan & family gathering will be an awesome life changing experience for thousands.

We do have one CORRECTION to the ICG report: Under the heading “2014 Gathering” on page 3 there is a major error in the following sentence:

“First the Stirling Council and then the National Trust for Scotland (“NTS”) seriously dropped the ball, with no Gathering being planned.”

The reference to NTS having “dropped the ball” here is entirely erroneous as NTS did all it could to help make lemonade from the lemons left to us all by Stirling Council. We appreciate and respect the great work and effort of NTS on the Bannockburn Live event. We apologize for the error and will revise the report to reflect this correction.

Take a look at The Herald Scotland article HERE.


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