International Clan Gatherings Working Group: Final Report

COSCA is delighted to bring you the final report of the International Clan Gatherings Working Group appointed at the 2013 Scottish Clan & Family Caucus at Grandfather Mountain.  We encourage you to take a few moments and review this document.  Let us know what you think.

We wish to express our sincerest thanks to the incredibly talented, committed and insightful members of the ICG Working Group and indeed all of the volunteers on the Caucus Working Groups.  These guys participated in a constant series of conference calls and committee meetings for the better part of a year with absolute focus on the job to be done.  This work is undertaken and completed as a voluntary act all the way around and we are all grateful to those who contributed.

Of special note has been the skillful, sensitive and intelligent leadership of COSCA Vice President Ken Scott.  Ken courageously accepted Chairmanship of this high level yet raucous group and has earned the respect and thanks of all of us for the manner in which he carried out that task.

ICG Final Report

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  1. It would be nice to know when the next gathering is going to be!

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