COSCA Appoints Dr. Bruce Durie As Its Official Seannachaidh

The Council of Scottish Clans & Associations is delighted and honored to announce the appointment of Dr. Bruce Durie, BSc (Hons) PhD OMLJ FSAScot FCollT FIGRS FHEA as COSCA’s Seannachaidh. Dr. Durie will be consulting on a range of genealogical and ancestral questions and projects for COSCA and its members.

“As Scottish Americans we celebrate our collective and personal heritage with great energy” said Susan McIntosh, President of The Council of Scottish Clans & Associations. “Having an accurate and complete understanding of people and events long past is critical in distinguishing serious pursuit of ethnic heritage from mere hobby. Bruce Durie brings an unquestioned professionalism and depth of knowledge on a huge range of topics and disciplines that are important to almost every Scottish American.”  [Read More …]

2 responses to “COSCA Appoints Dr. Bruce Durie As Its Official Seannachaidh”

  1. Dear Dr. Durie,
    For some time, I was an appointed Seannachaidh of John Shaw of Tordarroch, 22nd Chief of Clan Shaw. Recently, Tordarroch appointed his daughter Julia as Seannachaidh. She is a lecturing history professor at UCL, and will do great! While I am the Senior Armiger of my sept of Clan Shaw (The Shaws of Crathienaird/Strathavon/Glenshee/Glenisla – yes we were Jacobites) I also act as a Seannachaidh of our branch…my great-great-great grandfather, Rev. William G. Shaw, Minister of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Forfar was the then Seannachaidh in the 1860’s and early 70’s (Publishing ‘Memorials of Clan Shaw, 1868, rev. 1871). I try to honour his work and mission today. I also cobbled together a simple ad-hoc document, ‘Duties and Tasks of a Seannachaidh’ that is still used as a thumbnail sketch of the ancient office. Anyway, I would enjoy connecting with you. Suas Alba. ~ WSEL

  2. Clark Scott says:

    Hey Dr Bruce,
    When we gonna see some new interesting info here?

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