Join iGive for COSCA and have fun!

Welcome to COSCA’s Program!image

There are lots of ways you can participate and even earn donations for your own Scottish Clan, Family or other society!  Here is what you need to know:

FIRST:  Just so you know, once you get set up every time you make an online purchase from one of the awesomely huge list of participating iGive stores, COSCA receives a variable donation – not from you – from!  You shop – they give!

SECOND:   Got a mobile device – phone or tablet?  Just download the iGive App from your App Store!  Simple and that’s all you need to get started.   And for the Desktop,  DOWNLOAD the BUTTON (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD) – you will love it!  It looks like a wee umbrella but up close it is a seed – that looks like an umbrella.  After you download the BUTTON the little umbrella/seed will appear in the upper center or right corner of your web browser.  After you download it make sure you find it on your browser because you will want to be using it often!

THIRD:  Here we go – Find your BUTTON and click on it to pull down a menu.  See on that menu?   Amazon is the only store like this but you must access using that very link in order to receive iGive benefits.  So remember when you want to shop at Amazon (like how many times a day!) access from the little umbrella seed menu!  You can read further details about why this is on the website but who wants to do that instead of shop?

FOURTH:  Using the BUTTON pull down menu select the iGive Store List and prepare to be blown away by how many really great vendors are on the iGive team!  If you don’t buy something for somebody from one of these stores you must not be a very nice person.  Click on the Store you would like to visit online and then SHOP!  iGive does the rest for you!

FIFTH:  Would you love for your own Scottish Clan, Family or society to sign up with to earn donations each time your members shop?

OUTSTANDING!  Because there is this “New Cause November” promo (COSCA wins and your Scottish group wins too).  Here are the details:

1. Register your Scottish organization as a Cause with iGive anytime during November.
2. During registration of your organization as an iGive Cause, make sure to identify COSCA. as your referring member when prompted.
3. Your Scottish society can then recruit new iGive shoppers (such as your members and their families)  to shop and earn donations for your Scottish organization.
4.  Once three of your Scottish society’s new to iGive shoppers each make at least one purchase by 12/31/14 your Scottish society earns a $50 bonus and COSCA earns a $25 bonus!  SLICK! And we won’t even mind when you switch your Cause to your own Scottish society!  Glad to help!
SIXTH:  CLICK HERE if you want to learn even more about

That’s COSCA’s program.  Believe we who have already shopped – It Is Fun!  Be sure to but alot of things and then track your contributions using your BUTTON and follow how your Cause is doing.

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