Invest In Your Scottish American Heritage

Heritage should never come to an end.1387266675

But who makes sure?

Heritage, language, places, relics, culture, values, ancestry.  They can all pass away in a surprised and exasperated heartbeat.  Unfortunately there is no governmental ‘Department of Scottish American Heritage’ that will keep our very special culture and history alive and relevant in this forward looking age.  

How can we know that Scottish heritage will be strong and active for our children’s children?  For the next thousand years?  For ever?  

Here’s how:  Make a wise investment at the right time.  The right time is now.

  • Invest now in the future of Scottish heritage in America.
  • Invest now in a Scottish family for your children’s children.
  • Invest now in your Scottish clans and families and help protect their ancient lands and culture.

Invest in COSCA today.

IMG_3621We believe that Scottish heritage and culture must never be allowed to fade in America or anywhere it is celebrated.  

That is a tall order and not necessarily a romantic job.  Nearly 40 years ago a handful of courageous and insightful leaders of the Scottish American clan and family community banded together and, accepting the challenge for all, created a new organization and made the preservation and maintenance of Scottish heritage in America the single job of the Council of Scottish Clans & Associations.  COSCA’s primary focus remains on the greater good of each and every one of our Member organizations.  It is and always been COSCA’s strategy to strengthen our Member’s operations and thereby better sustain a vigorous Scottish heritage community in the US for the long term.  It isn’t part of our mission – it is our mission and it is just as important today as it was in 1976.

COSCA finds great ways to serve the entire Scottish American ancestral community and to help that colorful, diverse, dedicated network of families unravel, celebrate and preserve our shared Scots heritage and culture.  Here’s the nutshell of how we do that:

  • By bringing individuals together with their Scottish clans and families;
  • By supporting our member Scottish organizations with training and resources to help them meet their own missions;
  • By providing education and learning opportunities to all who are interested in Scottish fields;
  • By building relationships with Scotland and the global diaspora and advocating the perspective & interests of Scottish Americans on important contemporary issues.

You know the next part.  Even though we love what we do we simply cannot achieve necessary results without the support and participation of the Scottish American community itself.  IMG_3614You show your support by becoming a COSCA member and encouraging your clan, family and other Scottish organizations to become members.  You pay our wee pittance of an annual membership fee because the big thing is, you are visibly showing your support for what we do and how we do it – on your behalf.  Awesome.  Thank You!

has never much asked for generous financial help in the past – and we don’t charge an arm and a leg to participate in our programs but (as we hope you have noticed) we are doing more and working harder today than we ever have:

  • Scottish Clan & Family Boot Camp Webinars2013-07-10 20.35.50
  • Wandering Scots Book Club
  • COSCA Caucus FB Group
  • Annual Scottish Clan & Family Caucus and Working Groups
  • New Social Media campaign to inform and energize Scottish Americans about their heritage
  • Research, publication and advocacy on global Scottish heritage matters like International Clan Gatherings and Culloden Battlefield protection
  • National and International Scottish network building with partners such as Scottish Chiefs, Society of Scottish Armigers, Lord Lyon and our Australian and Canadian sister organizations SAHC and CASSOC
  • Representing Scottish American Clan, Family and other organizations in work with the Scottish government and other important Scottish stakeholders on the Scottish Clan & Family Forum, chaired by Scottish Minister for Energy, Environment and Tourism Fergus Ewing

AND, we will be rolling out all sorts of fun new training (Boot Camp webinars, Online Clan Forums … other neat things) and educational programs and opportunities for Scottish Americans to enjoy and benefit from over the next few weeks and months.   We have a few tricks up our sleeve directed at supplying some much needed help to Scottish Clan, Family and other Associations as well, and you will be hearing soon about how to get involved in those opportunities.  Today, however, we are introducing you to the fact that COSCA needs you to help us fuel the programs that will serve your community now and in the years and decades to come.

100_0006AND look!  Here is a NEW way to become involved!  It is simple:  Click this:  Invest In COSCA .  When you get where you are going click on the ugly yellow DONATE button (we are so going to customize that button but for now it is ugly – sorry).  Fill in the blank spaces on the form with a dollar sign and the biggest number you can.  You are not donating – this is a long term relationship and you are investing in the big picture of your Scottish American heritage and circling up with the only crew working on the future of the Scottish ancestral community as our sole and exclusive reason for being.  Cool.  Thank You So Much.

COSCA is a very joyfully registered IRS Section 501c3 public charity.  All charitable contributions are fully tax deductible to our supporters.   Large or small, your support is appreciated and all funds are used modestly, honestly & prudently in the service of Scottish and Scottish American heritage.  So please visit Invest In COSCA and click on the Ugly Button (DONATE) and invest as strongly as you can in the future of your Scottish American heritage and culture.

Thank You and Welcome Aboard!

2 responses to “Invest In Your Scottish American Heritage”

  1. Clark says:

    Great article! Well done! Let’s go……

  2. Acorns says:

    The American Scottish Heritage has a rich tapestry of culture, traditions, influences, values, and ancestry. It would be such a waste if we would let it wilt. Letting it fade into the background is like flushing years of cultural preservation down the drain. It’s not easy and it’s certainly not cheap to keep an entire heritage flourishing, but let’s go! Thank you for this wonderful article!

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