4th Annual Scottish Clan & Family Caucus: More Details Available

The 4th Annual Scottish Clan & Family Caucus (#SCFC2015 for the social media people) promises to be the very best Caucus so far. The next Caucus will be located at Historic Rural Hill near Charlotte, North Carolina from April 17 – April 19, 2015 to coincide with the Loch Norman Highland Games. We were thrilled to confirm last week that Scotland’s Lord Lyon Dr. Joseph Morrow will be attending the Caucus and Workshop Weekend. More details are now available including who will be catering the Caucus continental breakfast and hearty lunch – this you are going to love <licks lips>.

Scottish Cottage Smoked Meats.
We know what’s important – so lets talk great Scottish smoked meats – smoked in North Carolina from peat harvested in Scotland (true story). Umm hm – Scottish Cottage is designing a crackin’ breakfast and lunch menu for not very many quid for the Caucus goers on Friday, April 17th. Many of you will be familiar with Scottish Cottage from their appearances at Rural Hill in the past as well as various other games and festivals. I have stood in line in ankle deep mud puddles in the lightening and rain for a verrrrrrrry long time just to dine on Scottish Cottage smoked meats. You won’t have to if you join us on April 17th!

Scottish Clan & Family Caucus (#SCFC2015) Agenda Details.
The Morning session on Friday April 17th will focus on greetings and updates from our very Special Guests from across the globe, exploration and discussion of COSCA’s new strategic plan as well as exciting developments concerning a greater Scottish and COSCA presence at Historic Rural Hill. More on that later. The Afternoon Educational Theme of #SCFC2015 explores some of the lasting Scottish outcomes of various interactions between Scottish gaelic people and Norse, English and British North American cultures.

We have a few details about some of the very interesting folks who will be joining us as Caucus speakers and presenters during the weekend. To begin, we are once again privileged and honored that Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor, Convenor of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs plans to attend and participate in the Caucus.

Sir Malcolm will have someone to talk with on the airplane over from Scotland as we have also separately invited Lady Fiona MacGregor to join the Caucus in part to discuss her fascinating research and work into the Victorian era phenomenon of “Highlandism” as the Caucus explores a few of the outcomes of Gael/British interaction. Lady Fiona has generously agreed to share her insights with the Caucus and we look forward to hearing more about Highlanders and Highlandism and a few surprising players that influenced both.

The Caucus will also hear the fascinating and very timely story of Norse – Gaelic interactions and how those interactions have left their mark on Scotland throughout history and to today. Professor Donna Heddle MA (Hons), PhD, FHEA; Director of the Centre for Nordic Studies, Orkney and Shetland College, UHI will be heading over from Orkney to bring the Caucus up to date on the fast moving world of Norse – Gaelic research and archaeology.  Professor Heddle is a dynamic speaker with a passion for her work.

Prof. Heddle will be joined by Thor Ewing, Viking and Norse historian, author and expert story teller to help decipher this ancient story. Thor released his most recent book “Viking Myths: Stories of the Norse Gods and Godesses” in April this year. In the ‘it’s a small world’ category, Thor was also named Commander of the Ewing family by the Lord Lyon just this year as well – two hats, one great guy and you can only find Thor and Prof. Heddle at Historic Rural Hill in April.

Caucus Workshops Over The Weekend At Rural Hill Highland Games April 18 – 19, 2015.
Make sure you visit the COSCA’s Seannachaidh Bothan during the games weekend where you will find COSCA Seannachaidh Dr. Bruce Durie and friends such as Lord Lyon Dr. Joseph Morrow, Chairman of the Society of Scottish Armigers Andrew Morrison, Viscount Dunrossil and others as they answer questions and present awesome workshops on Scottish and celtic genealogy, heraldry and history. It would be very difficult to find three more intriguing, fascinating or knowledgeable individuals brought together to hangout and banter about Scotland and Scotland’s people’s past. You’ll have to go to the Caucus to see it.

So there are just a few of the early details of the 2015 Scottish Clan & Family Caucus.  We will have more details and news about worshops and the Caucus soon.  We hope you see why we are so excited about this year’s event. The great facilities, easy peasy logistics, super interesting workshops by the best experts all weekend long. Scottish Cottage Smoked Meats. Oh ya. We’re excited. Make you plans to be at Historic Rural Hill April 17 – 19, 2015.

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  1. Looking forward to a very interesting weekend, especially the Clan Davidson heritage aspects of Rural Hill

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