Getting Started With Waverley – A Few Suggestions

imageHas anyone dived into Walter Scott’s Waverley yet? It can certainly be a challenge to read a work written in Scott’s style 200 years ago! Remember that we have suggested a brand new edition by Jenny Calder offering up Waverley for the modern reader!

Try starting with the background resources that we have suggested. Scott’s hero is Edward Waverley, a young and dashing English aristocrat who has found himself not only alone in the Scottish highlands in 1745 but also under the influence of one Fergus Mac Ivor, the young and passionate Jacobite Chief of an ancient highland clan and a central figure in the book. This post’s picture shows an interpretation of Fergus, Prince Charlie and Edward Waverley upon Waverley’s first introduction to the Chevalier.

Mac Ivor is a wonderful character and reportedly Scott based his fictional young highland chief upon Alasdair Ranaldson Macdonell of Glengarry (1775 – 1828). Get a better handle on Glengarry and what Scott was envisioning regarding the fictional Chief of Clan Ivor in “The Last of the Chiefs” one of our suggested backgrounders.

Background Resources: Just in case you haven’t saved it, here is the link to all of the Waverley and Outlander background materials:

For those of you who crave instant gratification and cannot await books to arrive at your doorstep, try the audio and video resources we have recommended!

Rereading Waverley is an amazing experience, in light of having read and watched Outlander in the interim. The comparisons and differences are endless. Have fun!

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