Heritage Project Spotlight: Kirkmichael Heritage Centre Project (Black Isle)

Every now and again a great heritage project comes across our screens that needs a bit of an extra boost.  The Kirkmichael Project is one of those.  Wonderful project on Scotland’s Black Isle to rescue, preserve and display 500 year old medieval stone carvings representing some of the best Scottish artwork anywhere.  They already have more than 80% funding as they have been working on it for ten years now.  Let’s get together to help get that final push to help rescue and restore these buildings and artifacts!

Welcome to the Kirkmichael Project! We are a registered community charity in the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland. Our project is to conserve the medieval kirk buildings at Kirkmichael for the benefit of education, and to create within the conserved buildings in this beautiful location a unique display of medieval gravestone art. This includes the amazing elaborately carved Calvary crosses currently buried from view under turf at Kirkmichael and nearby Cullicudden.

What is your programme? We have an exciting activity programme planned involving hundreds of visitors, schoolchildren and the community. And the project will be taking on apprentices during construction to develop their traditional and conservation building skills, and there are strong archaeological elements as well. The resulting heritage centre will be sustainable, low maintenance and a key element of a Heritage Trail of this part of the Highlands. Our project aims to do as many good things as possible.


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