Iconic Scottish Wildcat Continues To Struggle As Big Funding Boost Might Make A Real Difference

wildcatpic1Scottish charity The Wildcat Action project has been boosted by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) awarding a grant of £973,100 in a bid to reverse the relentless decline in wildcat numbers.  Once numerous across the whole of mainland Britain, the Scottish Wildcat is now restricted to northern Scotland and is in grave danger of becoming extinct unless action is taken to conserve it.  The wildcat is a close symbol of many highland clans of the Clan Chattan Federation whose motto is “Touch Not The Cat Bot A Glove”.

Scotland’s Wildcat has faced a very difficult journey toward official attempts at salvation.  Today fewer than 100 of the felines are thought to survive in the wild.  It is possible that extinction could come within the next few years.  The good news is that there are a growing army of good dedicated people who are trying their best to give this iconic critter its best chance at survival.  You can find out more about the battle at Save The Scottish Wildcat.


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