Lugless Will’s Wandering Scots Book Club Launches!

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Fancy learning a bit about the history of Scots in America by reading outstanding historical fiction?

The Council of Scottish Clans & Associations is delighted to launch the first ever online book club exploring the history of Scots in America:  Lugless Will’s Wandering Scots Book Club.  We will be joined by special guests for our online video group discussions including the authors of the books we have read, historians and others specializing in the period or events involved.

Book Club members will read and discuss four books each year and we have selected an extraordinary first title that opens windows to a fascinating and poorly understood topic with significant modern overtones.  Wandering Scots Book Club will stimulate discussion and even some debate.  Each book, like our first, will be an outstanding work of historical fiction on a topic that allows the Wandering Scots Book Club to explore an important aspect of the Scottish American Ancestral Diaspora.

As indicated in the name of the Book Club, the Club will be administered and facilitated with great aplomb by none other than the curious William “Lugless Will” Lithgow (1586  – 1645).  Your first question might be, who is Lugless Will?  Will is a very charming fellow particularly famous for his account published in 1632 of his nineteen years of “Painefull Peregrinations” from Scotland to Europe, Asia and Africa.  You might call Lugless Will Scotland’s first travel writer.  We thought that was just perfect for our Book Club and we have managed to contact Will and convince him to come out of “retirement” to add his worldly 17th Century perspective to our modern Scottish American wanderings.  Book Club members will be able to get to know Lugless Will much better as Book Club activities continue. and we think you will appreciate his scholarly insights and Scottish sense of humour.Lugless Will

Interact On Social Media: Will’s insights as well as those of the books’ authors, our special guests and Book Club members will have a home on a new Facebook Group that you will find at  We understand not everyone is comfortable on Facebook so we plan to mirror the Facebook Group soon on and then for members of those growing communities.  Stay tuned if you are a TartanFootprint or KILTR user.  And of course we will announce all of the dates and times and log in information for video group discussions and provide links to additional resources right here on the COSCA website on our new Wandering Scots Book Club page.  So even if you don’t participate on social media you can read, learn and join the discussion groups online.

In addition to interactive written posts and other resources made available on social media, we will convene three live & recorded video group discussions for each book chosen.  Book Club members will be joined by our special guests for a deeper and expanded discussion of the book selection and the topic.

We hope this little Club will interest you.  If it does, hop over to our new Wandering Scots page to find out what the first book selection is and who our special guests for this book will be.  Then get started with your reading!  If you are a Facebooker, become a member of Lugless Will’s Wandering Scots Book Club by joining at  Post your comments there and check back to see what others are thinking about the book.

Happy exploring!  We hope it is a great adventure!

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