National Trust For Scotland Gets A New Leader

Home_NTSLogoThe National Trust For Scotland will proceed under the new leadership of Sir Moir Lockhead, a former apprentice mechanic who worked his way up to be chief of one of the UK’s biggest bus companies and has since retired.  Sir Lockhead will be replacing Sir Kenneth Calman who has been a very strong voice for Scottish historic preservation for many years at the helm of NTS.  While we are sorry to see Sir Kenneth Calman go, there are great hopes for fresh ideas and leadership to arise from the change at the top.


Sir Moir Lockhead, new chief of The National Trust For Scotland

In recent months, NTS has found itself in the spotlight in a smoldering controversy over whether the Scottish historical and landscape stewardship organization is in the necessary financial health to meet its demands in coming years.  There is no question that a mission such as that of NTS aiming to protect and preserve the vast Scottish historical and cultural built and landscape environment represents a huge and extremely expensive task in a shrinking economy.  Answers to difficult questions will need to be crafted and going forward, those answers will hopefully be coming from Sir Moir Lockhead.

We wish Sir Moir great good fortune in his very important new job and we offer COSCA’s dedicated partnership.

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