President’s End Of Year Message

People in Scotland call this time of year ‘the Festive Season’. I have never heard that phrase used in the United States but I think it is a lovely one. Who can argue with being festive. No matter how each Scottish American individual and family chooses to do it COSCA wishes each of you a beautiful and peaceful season filled with lots of joy, love and … festivity!

We also hope that you can take a moment to reflect on the past year – indeed the past several years – and recall how far we have come as a Scottish American community and how much of that progress has been gained because the Council of Scottish American Clans & Associations is out there working for you and your clan, family or other Scottish society. COSCA adopted a two year Strategic Plan in 2012 and we are proud and encouraged that we have met and exceeded our promises and moved COSCA forward as we said we would. We are now working on our next Strategic Plan and we certainly do not plan to slow down or change direction.

For now though, please join us on a look back to 2012 through 2014 to remember where we were and how we got to where we are today. For instance, how about timeless victories like repairing and expanding the Scottish clan & family tradition by reconnecting Chiefs and clans and encouraging them to work side by side toward common goals? Yep. Check. Today Scottish Americans enjoy an open and productive long term relationship with the extremely influential Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. By working together with the Chiefs to bring you outstanding and useful events such as 2012’s Stone Mountain Chiefs and Clans Conference, COSCA and the Standing Council of Scottish Chief have proven that good things happen when we collaborate.

There is so much more. In fact, there have been too many successful projects over the last two years to remember them all (true – we tried). So we put a little summary together. We want you to remember What COSCA Does For You (you can click that back there) because we need your help to keep doing what we do and to do even more for the Scottish Ancestral Diaspora. Please click on the link above and take a quick peek.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Our message to you today is that your role in what we can achieve is growing more critical in today’s world. COSCA and the Scottish American community are heading in the right direction with more energy and collaboration than ever and we are about to turn an important corner that will lead to even greater sustainability and a broader deeper impact.  We may not be able to do it without you and that is a true story.  COSCA both sincerely wants your partnership and truly needs your investment in what we do.

So today, at the end of a successful and promising two years, the easiest way (not to mention an extremely helpful way) for you to join the team is to invest in COSCA through a fully tax deductible financial contribution. We have a couple of great ideas for you about exactly how you might want to get involved.  We think you’ll find something that you like.  We promise you it will be fun and at some point will involve whisky … if you like that sort of thing.

So please INVEST IN COSCA today (you can click on that back there too.  Please.)

On behalf of each COSCA Trustee and all of our volunteers, thank you for making the decision to become a greater force for the good of your Scottish family large and small.

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