Ceud Mìle Fàilte!

tumblr_lpf2beg9Ej1qfg4oyo1_500The COSCA Roll

COSCA is privileged to have many friends across the globe that follow and benefit from our work.  We are extremely grateful for those very special friends and organizations who actively take part in the work that we do each year by becoming a supporting member of  COSCA.

Scottish clans, societies, associations, businesses as well as individuals are all warmly invited to join COSCA and become part of the modern movement to protect our ancestral heritage and ensure a solid bright Scottish American future.

If you have questions about membership status, dues, or need to update contact information for your annual statement, please email membership@cosca.net.

If you or your Scottish clan or organization are not current members, CLICK HERE to join and be a part of a new Scottish American future!

2016 COSCA Roll Call… and it continues

Clan Societies and Associations

Armstrong Clan Society

Clan Bell North America

Clan Blair Society

House of Boyd Society

Family of Bruce International

House of Burnett

Clan Cameron of North America in Memory of Robert E. Clark

Clan Carnegie Society International

Clan Chisholm International, US Branch

Clan Cochrane in North America

Clan Crawford Association

Clan Cumming Society of the US

Clan Cunningham International

Clan Davidson Society of America

Clan Donald USA

Durie Family Association

Clan Fergusson Society of North America

Clan Fleming Association Facebook only

Clan Forrester Society

Clan Forsyth Society

Clan Galbraith Association

Clan Graham Society

American Clan Gregor Society

Clan Henderson Society

Clan Irwin Association

The Clan Keith Society USA

Kerr Family Society of North America

Clan Lamont Society North America

Clan Leslie Society International

Clan Little Society of North America

American Clan Lockhart Society

Clan MacAlpine Society

Clan MacDougall Society of North America

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide

Clan MacInnes

Clan MacKall (Caithness)

Clan MacKinnon Society

Clan MacLachlan Association of North America

Clan MacLaren Society of North America

 Clan MacLean Worldwide

Clan MacLellan Association of North America

Clan MacLeod Society, USA

Clan MacNab Society of North America

Clan Macneil Association of North America

Clan MacTavish

Clan MacThomas Society

Clan Maitland Society of North America

Clan Moffat Society

Clan Montgomery Society International

Morgan sept of the Clan MacKenzie

Clan Morrison of North America

Clan Muirhead of North America

Clan Napier in North America

The Oliphant Clan and Family Association

Clan Pollock International

Clan Ross of the United States

Clan Scott Society

Clan Skene Asssociation

Clan Thom(p)son Society

Turnbull Clan Association

Clan Urquhart Society

Clan Wallace Society

Clan Young Society

Scottish District Families Association

Scottish Societies and Associations

Clanranald Trust for Scotland

Order of Alba

St. Andrew’s Society of Mid Maryland

St. Andrew’s Society of Washington, DC

Scottish American Military Society

Scottish Society of Indianapolis

Society of William Wallace

Scottish Society of Wilmington

Virginia-Carolina Scottish Society

Scottish Business Enterprises

Genealogy Tours of Scotland

Great Scot International


Scotcon Event Limited

World Travel Bureau/Yorba Linda Travel
a Virtuoso member

Highland Games

Carolina Caledonian Fest / Allen McDavid

Scotland County Highland Games

Individual Members

C. Betsy Allen
Chuck Baker
Garret Barrentine
Michael E. Belcher
Joseph L. Bell
John King Bellassai
John Cherry
Doug Childs
John Cochran
Judge Robert A. Collier, Jr.
Gerald L. Daniel
Kyle Dawson
Todd Draper
Kimberly Ewing Dugan
Barry Robert (Bart) Forbes
Lois Ann Garlitz
Mary Lynn Grant
Charles Samuel Grierson
Randall Paul Haffley
Maria Clyde Burns Bush Haight
Russell Harper
Armand Hayes
Charles A. Hotchkiss – Rest in Peace
Nancy Hudson
Robin Jarrett
Carl Luke
Lyle Maryniak
Kenneth S. Maxwell
Tracey S. Maxwell
Michael C. McArthur
Greg J. McFarland
Albert McGailliard
John McInnes
Kenneth C. McIntosh
Maurice D. McIntosh
John McKinney, III
Robert McLaren
Larry T. McRae
Robert McWilliam
Bret Russell Moon
William R. Moore
Katherine (Kay) Shaw Nelson
Thad Osborne
Bartley Payne
Pamela B. Ploger
John Edward Rutledge
Clark Scott
Judith Scott
Sean R Scott
C.T. Seidl
Lee Shackelford
Charles Sherwood
Nancy Smiley, MD
Carson Smith
Carol Stephenson, PhD
Mark Stephenson
Margaret A. Stobb
Keets Farquhar Taylor
Donley Tomey
Randolph Walker
Teresa M. Walker
Ed Ward
Kathleen Wheeless
Candace C. Wishon
Michael L. Wishon
Bruce Whyte
Doug Wyatt

If you or your Scottish society or business are already members of COSCA, make sure you click on the new “Member LogIn” tab over there on the right side and start to update and build your own COSCA Member’s Profile.  Upload photos, list websites and social media channels, all that great stuff!  The Members’ Directory will be (not quite yet) searchable to Members and the public!

Thank you all so much.  You are COSCA!