Registry of Scottish clan societies and family associations

Scots left Scotland for many reasons.  While some were asked or told to leave and some were sent against their will to colonies around the world, most left of their own accord to chase opportunities in the New World.  Many never had an the opportunity or desire to return to Scotland but memories of family traditions and culture survived, morphed and thrived in the far flung Scottish Diaspora.  There are more Scots descendants in America today than Scots in Scotland.

And there you have it. The far flung Scottish Diaspora is an eclectic interest group that spans all age, gender and socioeconomic demographics. Heritage organizations provided the basic human need of mutual support between families and a validation of a rich family history no matter where they wound up.  The first was founded in 1657 in Boston.  Some reached out to connect with families in Scotland and some did not. Some have worldwide memberships and some only a family community. There are many more fraternal and social groups than clans.

The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs acknowledges about a hundred forty clans that have chiefs recognized by the Lord Lyon of Scotland. Many of them do not have membership based clan societies or associations. There are other familial, fraternal and social Scottish heritage interest groups that do not have a chief, and are not recognized by the Standing Council. COSCA’s membership represents the growing interest in clan societies and associations as well as social organizations in the US and Canada.

The Council of Scottish Clan and Associations has confirmed a contact with more than one hundred fifty Scottish clan and family associations that were active in the United States within the past year. If you do not know the name of the society or associations with which your family name may be associated, take heart, email your inquiry to us or look for the busy COSCA information tent coming to a Highland Games in your region. We’ll get you hooked up… with some good information.

You will find links to the websites of the Clans who are COSCA Members on the Members page.  The asterisk (*) denotes Clan Societies and Family Associations whose chief is a member of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

Clan Anderson Society
Armstrong Clan Society
*Clan Arthur Association USA
House of Baillie, USA
Clan Baird Society Worldwide
*Clan Barclay Society
Clan Bell North America
Clan Blackstock Society
Clan Blair Society USA
House of Boyd Society
*Clan Brodie of the Americas
*Family of Bruce International
Brough Family Association
Clan Buchanan Society, International
*House of Burnett
*Clan Cameron of North America
*Clan Campbell Society, North America
*Clan Carmichael USA
Clan Carnegie Society, International
*Clan Chattan Association
*Clan Chisholm International, US Branch
Society of Scottish Clarks
*Clan Cochrane in North America
*Clan Colquhoun International Society
Clan Craig Association of America
Clan Crawford Association
Clan Cumming Society US
Clan Cunningham International
Clan Currie Society
Clan Davidson Society USA
*Clan Donald USA
*Clan Donnachaidh of the Carolinas
Clan Douglas Society NA
*Clan Drummond of North America – US contact missing
*Clan Dunbar
Clan Dunlop/Dunlap Family Society
*Durie Family Association
*Elliot Clan Society USA
Clan Ewen Society USA
Ewing Family Association
*Clan Farquharson USA
Clan Fergusson Society of NA
Clan Fleming Association
Clan Forbes Society
Clan Forrester Society
*Clan Forsyth Society USA
*Clan Fraser Society of NA
Clan Galbraith Association
*House of Gordon
*Clan Graham Society
*Clan Grant Society USA
*American Clan Gregor Society
*Clan Gregor Society Int. – Pacific NW Chapter
*Clan Gregor Society Scotland
*Clan Gunn Society NA
Clan Gutherie USA
Clan Hall Society
*Clan Hamilton Society
*Clan Hannay Society
*Clan Hay Society American Branch
*Clan Henderson Society
Hepburn Family Association
Clan Home/Hume Society International
*Clan Hope of Craighall Society
*Clan Hunter USA
*Innes Clan Society
*Clan Irwin Association
*Clan Jardine
*Clan Johnston/e
in America
The Clan Keith Society USA
*Kennedy Society of North America
*Kerr Family Association
*Clan Kincaid Association International
Clan Lamont Society of North America
*Clan Leask
*Clan Leslie Society International
*Clan Lindsay Association USA
Clan Little Society of North America
*American Clan Lockhart Society
Clan Logan Society
Clan MacAlister Society
Clan MacAlpine Society
Clan MacArthur Society of the US
MacAskill Sept Society
Clan MacAulay Association
*Clan MacBean
Clan MacBeth Society of North America
*Clan MacCallum/Malcolm Society NA
Clan MacCord Society
Clan MacCord/Family Association
Clan MacDougall Society
Clan MacDuff Society of America
MacDuffee Clan Society of America
Clan MacFarlane International
Clan MacFarlane Worldwide
MacFie Clan Society of America
Clan MacGillivary Society USA
Clan MacInnes International
Clan MacIntyre Association
Clan MacKall (Caithness)
*Clan Mackay Society of the USA
*Clan MacKenzie in the Americas
Clan MacKinnon Society
*Clan Mackintosh Society of NA
*Clan MacLachlan Assoc of North America
*Clan Maclaine of Lochbuie
*Clan MacLaren Society of North America
*Clan Maclean International Association
Clan MacLellan in America
*Clan MacLennan Association USA
*Clan MacLeod Society, USA
*Clan MacMillan Society
*Clan MacNab Society of North America
*Clan Macnachtan Association Worldwide
*Clan Macneil Association of America
Clan MacNicol Federation
*Clan Macpherson Association USA
Clan MacQuarrie Society
Clan MacRae Society of NA
*Clan MacTavish USA
*Clan MacThomas Society
*Clan Maitland Society of North America
*Clan Marjoribanks Society
*Clan Matheson USA
Clan Maxwell Society of the USA
Clan McAlister Society of America
Clan McCall Society of America
*Clan Moffat Society
*Clan Moncreiffe Society
*Clan Montgomery Society International
Morgan sept of the Clan MacKenzie
*Clan Morrison Society of North America
Clan Muirhead of North America
*Clan Munro Association USA
Clan Murray Society of NA
*Clan Napier in North America
*Clan Nesbitt/Nesbit Society of NA
Clan Paisley Family Association USA
Clan Pollock International
*Clan Ramsay Association of NA
*Clan Rose Society of America
*Clan Ross of the United States
*Clan Scott Society
*Clan Shaw Society
*Clan Sinclair USA
*Clan Skene Association
Clan Smith Society
Clan Stewart Society USA
Clan Stewart Society, Scotland
*Clan Sutherland Society of NA
Clan Thom(p)son Society
Turnbull Clan Association
*Clan Urquhart Association
*Clan Wallace Society
Clan Wardlaw Association
Clan Young Society
Scottish District Families Association