Claymore – 2021 October
The Lord Lyon and Scots Heraldry; Lord Lyon Society; President’s Page; Rise of the Youth; Armigers and Heraldry; Armorial of the Scottish Society of Armigers; Heraldry Society of Scotland; Angels Over Moscow; ScotlandShop; MacGregor Heraldry; Flowers of the Forest; Chiefs, Templars, and the Dean

Claymore – 2021 January
John Ruairidh Morrison, Chief of Clan Morrison (1968 – 2020); President’s Page; National Trust of Scotland Partner Program Launch; Village Buys Part of Langholm Moor; Strategic Planning Update; Building Membership with Social Media, by Bart Forbes, President, Clan Forbes Society; Co Leis Thu (Who are You?): Reflections on the Problem of Identity, by Andrew Morrison, 3rd Viscount Dunrossil; Can I Become a Scottish Feudal Baron? by Dr. Bruce Durie; The Highlands, The Declaration, and the Fight for Freedom, by Graeme Mackenzie; Chiefs, Templars and the Dean: A Tale of the Dalmally Stones, by By Keith MacGregor; Just What Did They Wear? by Fergus Cannan

Claymore – 2020 July
COSCA 2020 AGM Rescheduled; Coronavirus and Effects; President’s Page; Update from Australian Clan Gregor Society by Frank McGregor, High Commissioner; Strategic Planning Update; Clan Carruthers Chief after 210 Years; Flowers of the Forrest; Clans, Chiefs, Coats of Arms. What Do They Mean? Do They Still Matter Today? by Andrew Morrison, 3rd Viscount Dunrossil; Souvenir Plots in Scotland – The Law by Dr. Bruce Durie

Claymore – 2020 January
Why Our Organizations Are Not Recruiting Younger Members; President’s Page;  “It’s Good to Be Scottish!” Meet the Scottish-American Women’s Society of Washington, DC; Members’ Corner: Kilts and Cowboy Boots – A Novel Recruitment Event; Sustaining Your Clan Society Through the Generations; Where is COSCA? Strategic Planning Committee; Relevancy of Clans in the 21st Century; Why Are The Scots Famous For Hogmanay?; Obituary: Archibald George Montgomerie, 18th Earl of Eglinton and 6th Earl of Winton

Claymore – 2019 August
Annual General Meeting Lite; The Search for a Buchanan Chief: a Journey of 337 Years; President’s Page; Members Corner, Cochrane: Celtic Warrior Women; Members Corner, Gordon: The Epic Project; Communicating: Highland Echoes; Malcolm, Maggie, David and James: Why Highland Games Matter

Note: No newsletter was published during 2018

Claymore – 2017 November
Scottish North American Leadership Conference 2017; 2017 Annual COSCA Family Caucus; Sustaining Your Clan Society Through the Generations, Part 1; Finally! Real Partnering Around Scots Heritage Under Way on Both Sides of the Pond; 2017 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo; Chiefs’ Page from the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs; Malcolm, Maggie, David and James: Why Highland Games Matter

Claymore – 2017 May
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo: History in the Making; Come Enjoy COSCA’s 6th Clan & Family Caucus Program; President’s Letter; Sarah Petersen: Newly Appointed Secretary, Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs; Clan Keith Society USA, Youth Chapter; Two Declarations With A Common Purpose: The Link Between 1320 and 1776; Anne Robertson Kennedy, Scottish Coalition USA National Tartan Day Awardee 2017; Clans and Scottish Regiments; Where Have All The Leaders Gone?; Durie Family Take Part in ‘A Splash of Tartan;’ The Armigers’ New Armorial; 2017 Scottish North American Leadership Conference (SNALC); Flowers of the Forest; CASSOC Welcomes A New Patron, Lord Bruce; The Canada 150 Gathering of the Clans; Darien: A Journey in Search of Empire; Bannockburn To Buy Back Its Heritage?

Claymore – 2016 December
President’s Letter; Membership Report; Clan News; Clan Heraldry, Part 1 of 2; Obituary Ian Francis Wallace of that Ilk, 35th Clan Chief; The “Hielanman’s Umbrella” And “The Teuchter Trail;” Jacobites, Clearance and Scots! Field School; We Scots Are All Immigrants – And Cousins to Boot; Scotlands People Website; The Archaeology Dig at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney; Rallying Call to the Clans; The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo ‘Splash of Tartan’ 2017; The Secret of the Durie 1836 Coverlet

Claymore – 2016 September
Congratulations to the Lord Lieutenant; 2016 Annual General Meeting; Obituary: Danus Skene, Chief of Clan Skene; Trustee Bios; President’s Letter; The Organization of the Scottish Diaspora in America; Best Practices: A Policies & Procedures Manual for the American Clan Gregor Society

Claymore – 2016 April
Join COSCA for the 5th Clan & Family Caucus; President’s Letter; New Feed; American Political Leaders of Scottish Descent; Plan to Attend The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Council of Scottish Clans & Associates; How did the United States come to celebrate April 6th as National Tartan Day?; The National Tartan Day Award; The 2nd Highland Military Tattoo at Fort George; The Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne

Claymore – 2016 January
Who Are Your Members and Who Will They Be Tomorrow?; President’s Letter; What’s In It For Me? It’s All About Value; The True Meaning of Tartan Day; Relationships – Collaboration and Why It Matters; The Decision-to-Join: The Value of Social Capital; Are you planning for the future? What Is Founder’s Syndrome The Nutshell Version; Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage Research Report

Claymore – 2015 October
Excerpt from Why Scottish History Matters; President’s Letter, The COSCA & SCSC Relationship – Why It Matters; 13th Annual Scottish North American Leadership Conference; Trustee Bios; From Scots Heraldry, A practical Handbook on the Historical principals and Modern Application of the Art and Science by Sir Thomas Innes