Meet Alasdair Morrison, Seventeen-year-old Chief of Clan Morrisson

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Dr. J. Ruairidh Morrison, Chief of Clan Morrison, passed away on 7 November 2020 from cancer. Following the chief’s untimely death, his son Alasdair, a 17-year-old U.S.-based high school

senior, assumed the role of chief. Alasdair has since graduated, early, from high school and is taking a gap year as he prepares for university in the UK in fall 2022.

Chief Alasdair was born in New Hampshire, USA and holds dual citizenship in the US and the UK. While Alasdair’s family ties to Scotland come through his father, his mother, Dr. Ann Michelle Morrison, was born in Atlanta and raised in Tennessee in the southern US. Alasdair has a younger sister, Marin, who was also born in New Hampshire and is a sophomore in high school this year.

Alasdair is the first American-born chief of the clan, but he spent his childhood summers at the family home, Ru Ruchdi, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, where the family worked on restoring the old house, hiking the hills and bogs of the islands, and helping their neighbors on the crofts whenever possible. Alasdair’s dual Scottish and American heritage converge in his enjoyment of playing Celtic and bluegrass fiddle.

During the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games recently, Alasdair surprised onlookers by sitting in and substituting, capably, for a state champion fiddler when she took a break. Alasdair’s other interests include computer science, which he plans to study at university, and karate, in which he is a third-degree black belt and instructor.

Alasdair has been preparing for his role as chief his entire life. He attended his first highland games in New Hampshire when he was only a few months old and has since attended games throughout the US and even on the island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides with his father. This year Alasdair came to Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, where he was the only chief present and the youngest ever to open the games. Alasdair plans to attend the Stone Mountain games, this year as


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