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Scottish Anniversary Dates

Building your social media content around important dates in Scottish history is a great way to stay current and engage your current and future members.

For clan and family societies, try to link one of your ancestors or clan members to one of these dates. You can tap into the COSCA Research Library and search for your surname in some of the Scottish histories included there. For games associations and local Scottish Heritage Societies, you can keep your followers engaged thoughout the years by providing historical tidbits. In fact, every month, the Scottish Banner has a full-page feature called "This Month In Scottish History." COSCA is giving you a head's up by providing a full year's worth of historical dates!


  • 2nd of January- Thomas Muir of Huntershill arrested for sedition in 1793.

  • 7th of January- Glasgow University founded by a bull of Pope Nicolas V in 1451

  • 8th of January- Nigel Tranter (author and historian) died in 2000

  • 17th January- The Battle of Falkirk (Second Jacobite Rising) in 1746

  • 19th of January- James Watt born in 1736

  • 23rd of January- Earl of Moray, then Regent of Scotland, was assassinated and a Scottish Civil War erupted in 1570

  • 25th of January- Birth of Robert Burns, 1759


  • 2nd of February- The Battle of Inverlochy in 1645.

  • 4th of February- Sir Walter Scott supervises the rediscovery of the Honours of Scotland in 1818.

  • 8th of February- Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1587.

  • 13th of February- The Massacre of Glencoe in 1692.

  • 20th of February- Orkney and Shetland annexed to the crown of Scotland in 1472.

  • 21st of February- James 1 assassinated at Perth in 1437.

  • 24th of February - Battle of Roslin in 1303.

  • 28th of February- First signing of the National Covenant in 1638.


  • 12th of March- Scottish 'Parliament' reconvened in 1999.

  • 17th of March- Treaty of Edinburgh signed at Holyrood in 1328.

  • 19th of March- Death of Alexander III in 1286.

  • 25th of March- Robert the Bruce crowned King in 1306


  • 2nd of April- The Rising Proclamation distributed in the west of Scotland in 1820.

  • 5th of April- Battle of Bonnymuir in 1820.

  • 6th of April- Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.

  • 13th of April- Raising of the Jacobite Standard on Dundee Law by Graham of Claverhouse in 1689.

  • 16th of April - The Battle of Inchbare in 1130.

  • 16th of April- The Battle of Culloden in 1746.


  • 1st of May- The Act of Union in 1707.

  • 8th of May- Battle of Loudon Hill in 1307.

  • 13th of May- Battle of Langside in 1568.

  • 20th of May- Battle of Dunnichen, Angus in 685


  • 7th of June- King Robert the Bruce dies in 1329

  • 10th of June- Battle of Glenshiel in 1719.

  • 11th of June- Battle of Sauchieburn (death of James III) in 1488.

  • 22nd of June- Battle of Bothwell Bridge in 1679.

  • 24th of June- Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.


  • 2nd of July- Battle of Alford in 1645.

  • 7th of July- Redeswyre Incident in 1575.

  • 8th of July- Death of Alexander II, Kerrera, in 1249.

  • 11th of July- Birth, Robert the Bruce at Turnberry Castle, Ayr in 1274.

  • 14th of July- Scottish National War Memorial opened in Edinburgh Castle , 1927.

  • 19th of July- Battle of Halidon Hill in 1333.

  • 22rd of July- (a) Battle of Falkirk in 1298. (b) Battle of Lochmaben in 1484.

  • 23rd of July- Riot against the prayerbook in St. Giles Cathedral in 1637.

  • 24th of July- Battle of Red Harlaw in 1411.

  • 25th of July- Prince Charles Stewart lands at Moidart in 1745.

  • 26th of July- Battle of Dalspindal in 1654.

  • 27th of July- (a) Battle of Dunsinane in 1054. (b) Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689.

  • 29th of July- James VI crowned in Church of the Holy Rude, Stirling.


  • 3rd August- Sir William Wallace is betrayed at Robroyston, 1305

  • 3rd August- James I I, blown up at Roxburgh, 1460.

  • 3rd August- Carron Ironworks,Scotland's oldest company, is closed in 1982.

  • 5th of August- Battle of Otterburn in 1388.

  • 8th of August- Marriage of "The Thistle and the Rose" in 1503 at Holyrood, Edin.

  • 10th of August- Coronation of James I I I at Kelso Abbey in 1460.

  • 11th of August- First Day of Battle of Dupplin Moor. 1332.

  • 12th of August- Second Day of Battle of Dupplin Moor. 1332.

  • 13th of August- Coronation of Robert I I, at Scone, 1390.

  • 15th of August- (a) Battle of Lumphanan in 1057. (b) Battle of Kilsyth in 1645.

  • 19th of August- (a) Mary, Queen of Scots lands at Leith in 1561. (b) Raising of the

  • Standard at Glenfinnan in 1745.

  • 21st of August- Battle of Dunkeld in 1689.

  • 23rd of August- Judicial murder of Sir William Wallace by the English in 1305.

  • 23rd of August- Battle of Haddon Rigg, near Kelso in 1542.


  • 1st of September- Battle of Tippermuir (Perth) in 1644.

  • 1st of September- Massacre of Dundee in 1651.

  • 3rd of September- Battle of Dunbar in 1650.

  • 6th of September- Standard of James V I I I, raised at Braemar in 1715.

  • 9th of September- Battle of Flodden in 1513.

  • 9th of September- Coronation of Mary, Queen of Scots at Stirling in 1543.

  • 10th of September- Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, Musselburgh, in 1547.

  • 11th of September- Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297.

  • 13th of September- Battle & Sack of Aberdeen in 1644.

  • 13th of September- Battle of Philiphaugh in 1645.

  • 14th of September- Battle of Homildon Hill in 1402.

  • 21st of September- James V, crowned at Stirling Castle Chapel in 1513.

  • 21st of September- Battle of Prestonpans in 1745.


  • 2nd of October- Battle of Largs in 1263.

  • 3rd of October- Battle of Glenlivet in 1594.

  • 14th of October - Battle of Byland Moor in 1322.

  • 23rd of October- Auld Alliance concluded in 1295.

  • 23rd of October- Battle of River Sark in 1448.

  • 28th of October- Battle of Corrichie in 1562,

  • 28th of October- Battle of Fyvie in 1644.


  • 2nd of November- Darien fleet in Darien, First landing in Caledonia Bay in 1698.

  • 8th of November- Jacobites invade England, 1745.

  • 8th of November- Glasgow Riot against the Union with England, 1706.

  • 9th of November- Glasgow Riots again against the Union with England, 1706.

  • 12th of November- Battle of Mondynes, Mearns in 1094.

  • 13th of November- (a) Battle of Alnwick in 1093. (b) Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715.

  • 14th of November- Battle of Preston, 1715.

  • 22nd of November- Crofters march on Park Forest on Lewis in 1887.

  • 24th of November- Battle of Solway Moss in 1542.

  • 28th of November- Battle of Rullion Green in 1666.

  • 30th of November- John Balliol crowned at Scone in 1292.

  • 30th of November- Battle of Kilblane and Relief of Kildrummy Castle in 1335.


  • 4th of December- Death of William the Lion at Stirling in 1214.

  • 9th of December- Death of Malcolm I V, at Jedburgh in 1165.

  • 10th of December- William the Lion replaces the Boar with the Lion Rampant as symbol of Scotland in 1165

  • 11th of December- Roslin Chapel attacked by Protestants in 1688.

  • 14th of December- Death of James V, at Falkland, Fife, in 1542.

  • 17th of December- William III declares himself "ill served in Scotland" before English parliament in 1695.

  • 22nd of December- James V I I, lands at Peterhead in 1715.

  • 25th of December- Battle of Annan in 1332.

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