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Clan Baird Society Worldwide to Turn Old Hotel into Society Centre

Society Purchases old Commercial/Dower Hotel in New Aberdour and is requesting ideas to create new Clan Baird Society Centre.

Clan Baird Society Worldwide met with the community of New Aberdour, which is on the old Baird Auchmedden Estate. The Society had purchased the old Commercial/Dower Hotel and requested help in turning it into the the Clan Baird Society Centre. When last open, the hotel had a bar and restaurant downstairs, and about 10 rooms upstairs. There is also a carriage house/stable on the back that could be used as meeting rooms, an archive for Baird materials and artifacts and a history center. The Society is curently soliciting suggestions on how best to serve our Society and the Community of New Aberdour.

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Aug 13, 2022

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