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Connect With COSCA

Public Website offers information about COSCA and membership options; timely blogs that aim to assist all Scottish heritage organizations; and an extensive "Find My Clan" database that will help people to learn more about their clans and perhaps encourage them to join their clan societies. This is available to the public without any commitment necessary.

COSCA Update is e-mailed every month to anyone who is an organizational or individual  member -- or anyone who simply want to keep up with COSCA services and news about Scottish heritage societies. You can add your e-mail to the list on the bottom of the COSCA home page.

COSCA Individual Members can access their MembershipWorks account to renew their membership. You can select the "MembershipWorks" on the "Member Services" drop-down menu.

COSCA Organizational Members have one Organizational Account in MembershipWorks (with your billing information) and several individual Delegate and Alternate Accounts for members of their leadership team to access the private information the website in the "Member Services" section. This means that the authorized Delegate will have TWO separate accounts with two sets of credentials (e-mail and password.) The Delegate can identify as many Alternates as you wish. Each person will need to request access and create a password. The Delegate will be contacted to give permission for each request or can send a list of names and e-mail addresses in advance to  

Member Services in the private section of the website are offered only to individuals in leadership positions within current COSCA organizational members. Current Organizational Member Delegates and Alternates can request access by following these steps:

1. Click on the "Log In" icon on the top right of the home page or select "Member Login" in the drop-down menu under Member Services." The direct link is


2. Provide information as directed. You'll be asked for your first and last name, the name of your Scottish heritage society, whether you are a Delegate or Alternate (see below), your specific role within the society (president, treasurer, etc.)  , your e-mail address, and for a password which you can create.


3. Then click "submit."


Your request will be reviewed by a COSCA volunteer in a few days. If the Delegate uses the same e-mail address as on file, then the request will be approved. Any Alternate would have to be approved by the Delegate and this may take a few more days, depending on the speed with which the Delegate responds.

"Member Services" are only available to Delegates and Alternates because the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations is dedicated to serving Scottish Clans and Associations, not individuals. COSCA does not wish to compete with its Organizational Members in soliciting its individual members. If individuals wish to access the COSCA Members Services section, they will need to join their clan/family society or Scottish heritage association and receive permission from the Delegate. This will let the Delegate know of your interest in volunteering with the Scottish heritage society!


MembershipWorks is the name of the service COSCA uses to manage its members' account and includes payment information. This is only accessible to the one Authorized Delegate for each Organizational Member. If you are a current member, you can access your information by selecting "MembershipWorks" in the drop-down menu under "Member Services."


The direct link is


If your organization is not yet a member but would like to join, click on the "Join" link on the drop-down menu under "Member Services." The direct link is You will be asked for information about your society and be required to pay the annual $50 organizational member dues. You would become the Authorized Delegate.


An organizational member's Authorized Delegate is the person who has access to the MembershipWorks account that includes information about your society and your payment information. The Delegate has the authority to vote on COSCA business. If you are a current organizational member, you can access your MembershipWorks account as noted above. Your username and password has not changed. As a Delegate, you are also able to access the new “Member Services” section of the website. This is separate from your society’s MembershipWorks account. 

The Delegate may also suggest or approve Authorized Alternates. Alternates can be any other individual who has a leadership position within the current organizational member and whom has been approved by the Delegate. This individual has access to the private section of the website with Member Services. An Alternate cannot vote on COSCA business unless specifically granted that authority by the Delegate on an annual basis. The Delegate may send a list of their names and e-mail addresses to and they will be sent invitations. Conversely, they can each sign up themselves by going to and clicking “Request to become an Alternate here.” The names will be sent to the Delegate for approval.

An Affiliate is any individual, who may or may not be associated with a Scottish Heritage society, but would like to receive the monthly e-mail COSCA Update. Since COSCA is dedicated to Scottish heritage societies, individual members are considered Affiliates and do not have access to the private section of the website with Member Services. Affiliates can opt in to the newsletter on the bottom of the COSCA home page at  

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way. Contact: Thank you!

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