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Please note: These historical items are only available in the "portable document format" (PDF) developed by Adobe in 1992 for laptop computers and are not easily readable on modern-day internet devices such as smart phones. 


Claymore - 2024 March

President’s Letter; Scottish North American Community Conference; Cameron Steer, ASF Youth Ambassador; Clan Updates: Clan Hunter, Clan Bell, Clan Burnett, Clan Ewing; Lord Lyon; Scottish Clans and Their Families; Ancient Civilizations of Orkney, the Ring of Brodgar; National Tartan Day Award Honoree.

Claymore - 2023 November

Coronation Gallery; Duke Baccleuch, Clan Scott, Coronation Role; Clan Mackay, Inauguration New Chief; Obituaries: Donald, the Maclaren of Maclaren & Achleskine, Duchess of Buccleuch, Donald Angus Cameron of Lochiel; President’s Letter; The Heirs Project; Andrew Jonathon Hughes Hallett, The Hughes Hallett Scholarship; The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA; The American-Scottish Foundation; Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Symposium for Growth and Success (CASSOC); Scottish North American Community Conference (SNACC); Report from the Editor of Claymore; A Traditional Christmas, REALLY; COSCA Board, Advisory Board, Membership Application.

Claymore – 2023 March
STV will host a special 70-minute programme from 9pm to allow health secretary Humza Yousaf, finance secretary Kate Forbes and former minister Ash Regan to put forward their pitches; The Annual Tartan Day Award--presented each year to deserving Scottish-Americans by the Scottish Coalition, USA 


Claymore - 2023 January

Meet Ed Ward, New Treasurer of COSCA; News of Legislative Items: UK Supreme Court Decision on Independence Referendum and Scottish Parliament Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill; Scottish Cultural Outreach Foundation; Clan MacEwen Seeks New Chief; President’s Letter; Enthusiasm and Authenticity; Clan MacKinnon Society Gives Back; Scottish Heritage Scouting Association; Chiefs, Clans and Kin; Society of Antiquaries Introduction; Ancient Civilizations in Orkney, Part 1; Skara Brae; Native American Indians and Scots; ICC 2022 T20 World Cup; Board of Directors, Contacts

Claymore - 2022 Summer 

In Memoriam, Clark Scott Obituary; Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, Stephen Quillin; The Wallace Award ; Caledonian Society of Hawaii; COSCA Website Update, Bart Forbes; The President’s Page, John Bellassai; Practicing Tradition, Learning to Dance in the Highlands; Scottish Clans and Their Associated Families, Bob Heston; Scotland the Romantic Movement, Andrew Morrison; Scottish by Inclination, Frederick Douglass, John Bellassai; Chiefs, Templars and the Dalmally Stones, Keith MacGregor; Loch Ness and New Fossils

Claymore – 2021 October

The Lord Lyon and Scots Heraldry; Lord Lyon Society; Rise of the Youth; Armigers and Heraldry; Armorial of the Scottish Society of Armigers; Heraldry Society of Scotland; Angels Over Moscow; ScotlandShop; MacGregor Heraldry; Chiefs, Templars, and the Dean

Claymore – 2021 January
John Ruairidh Morrison, Chief of Clan Morrison (1968 – 2020); National Trust of Scotland Partner Program Launch; Village Buys Part of Langholm Moor; Building Membership with Social Media, by Bart Forbes, President, Clan Forbes Society; Co Leis Thu (Who are You?): Reflections on the Problem of Identity, by Andrew Morrison, 3rd Viscount Dunrossil; Can I Become a Scottish Feudal Baron? by Dr. Bruce Durie; The Highlands, The Declaration, and the Fight for Freedom, by Graeme Mackenzie; Chiefs, Templars and the Dean: A Tale of the Dalmally Stones, by By Keith MacGregor; Just What Did They Wear? by Fergus Cannan

Claymore – 2020 July
Coronavirus and Effects; Update from Australian Clan Gregor Society by Frank McGregor, High Commissioner; Clan Carruthers Chief after 210 Years; Flowers of the Forrest; Clans, Chiefs, Coats of Arms. What Do They Mean? Do They Still Matter Today? by Andrew Morrison, 3rd Viscount Dunrossil; Souvenir Plots in Scotland – The Law by Dr. Bruce Durie

Claymore – 2020 January
Why Our Organizations Are Not Recruiting Younger Members; “It’s Good to Be Scottish!” Meet the Scottish-American Women’s Society of Washington, DC; Members’ Corner: Kilts and Cowboy Boots – A Novel Recruitment Event; Sustaining Your Clan Society Through the Generations; Where is COSCA? Strategic Planning Committee; Relevancy of Clans in the 21st Century; Why Are The Scots Famous For Hogmanay?; Obituary: Archibald George Montgomerie, 18th Earl of Eglinton and 6th Earl of Winton

Claymore – 2019 August
The Search for a Buchanan Chief: a Journey of 337 Years; Members Corner, Cochrane: Celtic Warrior Women; Members Corner, Gordon: The Epic Project; Communicating: Highland Echoes; Malcolm, Maggie, David and James: Why Highland Games Matter

Note: No newsletter was published during 2018

Claymore – 2017 November
Sustaining Your Clan Society Through the Generations, Part 1; Finally! Real Partnering Around Scots Heritage Under Way on Both Sides of the Pond; 2017 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo; Chiefs’ Page from the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs; Malcolm, Maggie, David and James: Why Highland Games Matter


Claymore – 2017 May
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo: History in the Making; Sarah Petersen: Newly Appointed Secretary, Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs; Clan Keith Society USA, Youth Chapter; Two Declarations With A Common Purpose: The Link Between 1320 and 1776; Anne Robertson Kennedy, Scottish Coalition USA National Tartan Day Awardee 2017; Clans and Scottish Regiments; Where Have All The Leaders Gone?; Durie Family Take Part in ‘A Splash of Tartan;’ The Armigers’ New Armorial; CASSOC Welcomes A New Patron, Lord Bruce; The Canada 150 Gathering of the Clans; Darien: A Journey in Search of Empire; Bannockburn To Buy Back Its Heritage?

Claymore – 2016 December
Clan Heraldry, Part 1 of 2; Obituary Ian Francis Wallace of that Ilk, 35th Clan Chief; The “Hielanman’s Umbrella” And “The Teuchter Trail;” Jacobites, Clearance and Scots! Field School; We Scots Are All Immigrants – And Cousins to Boot; Scotlands People Website; The Archaeology Dig at the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney; Rallying Call to the Clans; The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo ‘Splash of Tartan’ 2017; The Secret of the Durie 1836 Coverlet

Claymore – 2016 September
Congratulations to the Lord Lieutenant; Obituary: Danus Skene, Chief of Clan Skene; The Organization of the Scottish Diaspora in America; Best Practices: A Policies & Procedures Manual for the American Clan Gregor Society


Claymore – 2016 April
American Political Leaders of Scottish Descent; How did the United States come to celebrate April 6th as National Tartan Day?; The National Tartan Day Award; The 2nd Highland Military Tattoo at Fort George; The Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne

Claymore – 2016 January
Who Are Your Members and Who Will They Be Tomorrow?; What’s In It For Me? It’s All About Value; The True Meaning of Tartan Day; Relationships – Collaboration and Why It Matters; The Decision-to-Join: The Value of Social Capital; Are you planning for the future? What Is Founder’s Syndrome The Nutshell Version; Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage Research Report

Claymore – 2015 October
Excerpt from Why Scottish History Matters; The COSCA & SCSC Relationship – Why It Matters; From Scots Heraldry, A practical Handbook on the Historical principals and Modern Application of the Art and Science by Sir Thomas Innes


What Do American Scots Really Want from Their Cousins Back Home in Scotland?

by John King Bellassai, 2018

Finally!  Real Partnering Around Scots Heritage Under Way on Both Sides of the Pond

by John King Bellassai, 2017

Two Declarations With A Common Purpose: The Link Between 1320 and 1776

by John King Bellassai, 2017

American Political Leaders of Scottish Descent

by John King Bellassai, 2016

The True Meaning of Tartan Day

by John King Bellassai, 2016

We Scots Are All Immigrants – And Cousins to Boot!

by John King Bellassai, 2016


What is a Clan?

By Dr Bruce Durie, BSc (Hons) PhD OMLJ FSAScot FCollT FIGRS FHEA, 2014

Duties, Role and Tasks of the Shennachie

By Dr Bruce Durie, BSc (Hons) PhD OMLJ FSAScot FCollT FIGRS FHEA, 2014

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