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Scholarship: $1,000

Scholarship: Funds will be used only for tuition and other institutional fees of an accredited college, university, or other established and trusted academic/cultural organization of high standing and will be credited directly to that student’s account at that institution. Grants: Examples of grants in the past have included sponsoring trophies at Scottish Games and competitions to be awarded in our name for athletics, piping, harp competitions, and Highland dance. Others examples include: subsidizing piping or dance lessons for aspiring competitors; helping pay for costumes needed for Scottish activities, such as dance, for needy competitors; helping sponsor artwork for Scottish activities; contributing to expenses for individuals traveling to Scottish events or activities in Scotland when they could not otherwise afford those expenses.

Scholarship: The scholarship will be open only to members of the Family of Bruce International, which, because all of our memberships are family memberships, include both the primary member, spouse, and all children under the age of 18. Former family members now 18 years of age and older must have their own membership in order to make application. Grants: Members can request grant monies for their own or their community’s projects.

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