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The St. Andrew’s Society of Detroit is very proud of its Kincaid Scholarship program and the number of scholarship grants and the number of years that the program has been in effect for students and instructors studying and teaching the Scottish arts. The program offers modest scholarships for pipers, drummers, highland dancers, harpists (clarsach), fiddlers, pianists, and other Scottish musical arts to further their interest and improve their skills. Scholarships may be for a variety of schools, camps, clinics, or workshops, whether short-term or week-long programs, as approved by the Kincaid Scholarship program.

Generally, eligibility criteria for scholarships include: reside in, or study with an instructor in, or be a member of a Scottish band, in southeast Michigan; and be recommended by the instructor; and for school-age applicants, through high school graduation: meet minimum age requirements set by the desired instructional program; or for adults: be considered a “beginner,” that is, classified no higher than a Grade IV piper or drummer, or intermediate dancer or harpist (clarsach), and have no more than five years’ experience.

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