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Clan Bell Society has Issued a Call to Action

Feb 11, 2023

Clan Bell Society is actively working on the reestablishment of Clan Bell and they need the help of all other Bells around the globe. In June 2019, a Bell Family Convention was held in Gretna Green, Scotland, to select a candidate for the position of commander. Unfortunately, that 2019 meeting did not produce a suitable outcome.

In his subsequent decision on the matter, the Lord Lyon opted not to name a commander and stated that insufficient canvassing was performed in relation to the appointment of a commander or who that commander should be. As part of his decision, the Lord Lyon deferred selection of a commander for the Name of Bell for a period of three years. After that, the clan could resubmit its petition for consideration. The prescribed three-year deferment has passed and the board of Clan Bell Society is now working to ensure a favorable outcome at the next Bell Family Convention by initiating an outreach effort to Bells all around the world.

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