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Clan Name and Commander Sought for Clans MacDuffee, Macfie, and MacPhee

Presentation of a candidate for Commander must be set for by May 2025

The Clan that comprises the surnames MacAfee, MacDubhsith, MacDuffie, Macfie/MacPhee, and certain other cognates is currently without a Chief or a Clan Commander (Ceann-Cath). The search is on to find a suitable candidate for the vacant post of Commander, who will provide leadership, forward development of the Clan, and drive the process to identify a suitable Chief. The Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland has authorized a Family Convention to be held May 17, 2025, at which nominees for the position of Commander will be considered by eligible individuals of the whole Clan.

Prior to the 2025 Family Convention, the Clan will settle the Clan name in the autumn of 2024. Your Notice to participate is due by September 15, 2024. A decision will be made by November 29, 2024. The Lord Lyon has decreed that we settle the name of our Clan. There are no official records at the Court regarding a prior process of determining our name. Settling of a Clan name must be decided by overwhelming consensus before a Commander candidate is presented to the Lord Lyon. The Council of Presidents of the following Clan Societies has been asked by the Lord Lyon to specify an overall Clan name: MacDuffee Clan Society of America; Clan MacFie Society (UK); Macfie Clan Society in Canada; MacFie Clan Society of America; Thorburn-Macfie Family Society (Sweden); Clan MacPhee New Zealand; and Macfie Clan Society of Australia.

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Jun 15, 2024

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