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Attracting Younger Members through Video

Members born during the “baby boom” (1946 to 1964) generally have the time and patience to use desktop computers to download and print portable document format (PDF) documents, scroll through long text-dense web pages, and click through a series of online photographs. Younger people are far more likely to watch videos on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok on their hand-held smartphones. Scottish heritage societies that wish to attract these younger potential members need to change their “boomer” mindset and use these newer communications methods.

Fortunately, if you have a cell phone, you have a video camera and editing suite in your hand. While boomers are used to commercially produced, highly edited content from broadcast and cable television, younger people are just as attracted to home-made, cell-phone content. As Christina Khomyn states: “Millennials stand for keeping things simple, authentic, and honest. User-generated content is one of the ways of working with video for Millennials. Instead of making high-budget, professionally produced videos go for user-generated content.” (See “What Video Content Captures Millennials Attention?”)

Many cell phone apps can quickly create a video from a series of still photos or “live” photos that captures a second or two before and after the photo. Some of the most popular apps are GoPro Quik, Slideshow Maker, InShot Video Editor, VideoLeap, and Splice. You can also use your desktop or laptop computers, many of which now have built-in cameras and microphones for use in online conferencing services such as Webex and Zoom. Most have built-in camera software and editing software, as well. You can either record yourself or demonstrations on your computer screen for instructional purposes.

Once you have your video tools in hand, you can start creating content. As mentioned, you can convert your photos to video slideshows, record yourself providing the history of your clan, interview your members, and record some of your in-person events such as gatherings at highland games or annual meetings. You can also record your online meetings through Webex and Zoom and share them online.

If you are a Delegate or Alternative for a current Organizational Member, you can read the complete article in the "Member Services" section of the website here:

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