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Clan MacAulay Association Honors 25th Anniversary with Trivia Contest

On April 25, 2023, Clan MacAulay Association celebrated their Silver Anniversary as an organization. In honor of this milestone, the Clan developed a ten-question trivia contest to engage members and non-members alike around current and past Clan MacAulay history. “We wanted to provide a fun and engaging 25th Anniversary contest to provide members with additional knowledge of the Clan, and offer non members an opportunity to participate, and learn more about Clan MacAulay Organization”, commented Chief Joan McAulay.

In addition to being a fun activity for existing members, the contest served as a new member recruitment tool. Promoted on the Association’s website and social media platforms, about 60% of the respondents were potential new members. An Adult Annual membership was offered as the prize for the most correct answers. Existing members were offered the chance to give the gift of membership to the person of their choice.

The response received was outstanding with the result of 3 individuals tied with 7 out of 10 correct. We were very pleased that 2 of the 3 winners were not current members of the Association, and our efforts to incentivize non member participation paid off handsomely. Our Membership Engagement Manager will now work with the new members to introduce them to all that Association membership offers.

The contest served to reinforce that our membership is very interested in learning the history, heritage, and culture of Clan MacAulay. We offer a “members only” area on the Clan website which provides extensive resources including Genealogy/DNA testing, and expert advisors available to assist membership with tracing their MacAulay family tree. Members have the opportunity to “meet” and network via frequent virtual events and the Clan Member Directory. Additionally, Clan MacAulay Association has established a Heritage Fund to financially assist worthy causes that promote Scottish heritage, with a particular emphasis on Clan MacAulay.

Every two years, the MacAulay Clan Association hosts a worldwide gathering, and in August of 2024, members will meet in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Planning is well underway and will be announced to membership later this summer. “ This will be the first time the Clan will gather in North America, and we are very excited to welcome members from around the world to the beauty and serenity of Cape Breton”, stated Chief Joan who hails from Canada. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet old friends and make new acquaintances via the many activities and celebrations taking place during the gathering.

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