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CASSOC Symposium for Growth and Success: Membership Connections

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

The Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) 2023 Symposium for Growth and Success includes online sessions for Member Connections, (October 28, 2023), Volunteers and Events (November 19, 2023), Heritage (December 16, 2023), and Sustainability (January 20, 2024.)

Pre-registration is required. The full fee of $50 is required for non-CASSOC members. Attendance is free for all who are in member organizations of Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada. Attendance for member organizations of Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA) is available for $20 per organization. There is no restriction for how many individuals from an eligible organization can register. One fee is required for each organization and each individual needs to register separately and do not share join links. Membership in CASSOC is only available to groups and organizations including clans, families, societies, highland games, festivals and businesses. Membership is NOT restricted to Canadian organizations. Sorry, individual memberships are not available at this time.

This is a summary of the first session, Membership Connections.


William Petrie - Chairman, CASSOC

The main focus of the session was to address common problems faced by member groups, such as membership engagement and retention. The discussion emphasized practical solutions, and best practices were shared among the organization's members.. The session finished with a Q&A after the panelist presentations, as follows, in order of appearance.

Membership Growth

Joan McAulay - Chief of Clan MacAulay Association

Ms. McAulay highlighted the importance of having the right people in the right positions and acknowledged the role of the executive team. Effective communication was also emphasized, with the importance of retaining and engaging members being highlighted.

Facebook Use for Engagement

Sylvie Thériault, Editor, Council member, Clan Gregor Society Canada

Ms. Thériault explained how she manages multiple Facebook accounts, including one for Clan Gregor and other Scottish societies, using a separate persona, Sylvie Petrie. She discussed her role in sharing updates and managing social media pages, her approach to posting content, and the importance of engaging with the audience.

Retention and Attraction

Scott MacDougald, Vice President for Canada - Clan MacDougall Society NA

Mr. MacDonald emphasized the significance of having a dedicated team for organization retention and attraction, highlighting the need for accurate and updated data. He suggested exploring neglected communication channels and considering the age cohorts of membership.

Your Society's Web Challenges

David Carrick, Society Chief of the Kennedy Society of North America

Mr. Carrick detailed the steps they took to improve the website, such as updating the content and graphics, automating membership functions, and creating an online retail store.

Marketing Strategy Importance

Bob Macauley, Marketing Coordinator, Clan MacAulay Association

As a marketing professional, Mr. Macauley emphasized the importance of having a clear plan and understanding the 'why' behind the marketing activities. He shared the marketing plan he developed for the organization, which included objectives, strategies, and tactics.

Increasing Membership and Revenue

Matt Buchanan, Vice President - Clan Buchanan International

Mr. Buchanan discussed the strategies and approaches that Clan Buchanan in Australia is using to increase its membership and revenue. He emphasized the importance of understanding the interests of potential members, offering relevant content, and providing excellent member services.

Improving Member Connections

Paul Johnston, President of Clan Johnston/e in America

Mr. Johnston discussed the strategies implemented by their organization to improve member connections, engagement, retention, and growth. They adopted an online membership management system and developed a private website for members, which offers exclusive content and has contributed to steady growth since its implementation in 2021.

If you are a COSCA Organizational Member, you can learn more details about the session here:

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