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$500 to $2,500

The Elisabeth Thomson Award ($500): first-time deserving young woman with a goal of a college degree despite financial obstacles. The Eugene M. Lockhart Award ($500): student athlete who has demonstrated academic excellence while at the same time providing leadership and inspiration to teammates and contributing positively to the overall successful performance of his/her team, no matter what the sport. McCall-Nicol Memorial Scholarship ($500): best essay written by an applicant about his/her Scottish heritage. The David G. McPherson Award ($2,500): student studying or planning to study any engineering discipline, both traditional such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical or Civil Engineering as well as fields such as Computer, Biomedical or Environmental Engineering. The Joseph Everett MacLeod Award ($500): presented to a student with a passion in any of the creative and performing arts and a desire to use their abilities to enhance their life and the lives of others. The Donna Dion-Nicol Memorial Scholarship ($750): presented to a student majoring in a discipline within the healthcare field. The Dennis Campbell Memorial Scholarship ($1000): submit an essay on why they believe they are an ideal candidate for this scholarship and should discuss how they have dealt with or overcome adversity in their lives.

US legal residents of the six New England states. The applicant must be of Scottish extraction and a full-time student at a four-year undergraduate college/university, a two-year community college, or a not-for-profit accredited trade school. The Applicant must be sponsored by a registered member in good standing (dues paid in full) from either Society.

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