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Find My Clan

A “Find My Clan” database has been added as part of the updated COSCA website. Users can either scroll through a list of known Scottish clans or search for a surname to discover any inks to one or more Scottish clans.

The "List of Clans" is currently being reviewed by the Delegates and Alternates of the COSCA Organizational members. If you are a clan chief or leader of a clan society, please review your individual clan webpage. Let us know if you would like any changes, if you have updated information, and if you would prefer that we use a different clan crest graphic or tartan. Please carefully review the list of septs, associated families, and spelling variations to ensure that we have captured all the possibilities.

Visitors can search for their clans by using the "Search Surnames" page. They simply click on the first letter of their last name and scroll through the surnames. Please note that the list of searchable surnames is not reconciled currently with the lists on the individual clan pages. The surnames will be updated as clans confirm the variations, associated families, and septs.

COSCA has also developed a “quick response” (QR) code flyer so that visitors to your events can quickly access this database on their own cellphone or tablet. Please display this prominently at your table or tent so that we can connect more people to their Scottish heritage.

COSCA is very grateful for the hundreds of hours dedicated to this project by Robert (Bob) Heston and Barry Robert (Bart) Forbes. COSCA is also grateful to the for the use of the crest artwork.

This is just one project that COSCA has launched to help grow your Scottish clan society! Please help us maintain this service and join COSCA, if you are not yet a member. You can join here:

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