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Scottish Clan and Family Map Now Interactive

You can now find your clan or family on an interactive version of the “Scotland of Old” map first published in 1956. The map includes over 280 surnames which are now listed alphabetically. You then just click the grid quadrant (such as “B3”) to see a detailed version of that section of the map.

This is the most accurate “clan map” even though the word "clan" is not used. This map was crafted by Sir Iain Moncreiffe of That Ilk, Bart., (1919 –1985) Albany Herald and Don Pottinger (1919–1986), Unicorn Pursuivant of Arms. This version was also approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs and the Lord Lyon King of Arms. The map notes that the lands indicate “general spheres of influence, usually about the time of King James VI but taking the history of each district or family as a whole.”

See the new version of the map here:

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