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COSCA Clan Convener Guide

Highland Gatherings and Games are traditional events that members of a clan use to renew their family bonds and compare feats of prowess. Clan conveners sponsor and host tents celebrating their heritage and encouraging society membership. COSCA has compiled advice and examples from many clan societies to provide the ultimate clan convener guide.

The planning covers suggestions for researching the local event's requirements, confirming your participation, and understanding your and your society's liability.

Ideas for the materials to bring include your tent, tables, chairs, carpet, tent banners, membership materials, internet devices, table top displays, name tags, stamps or stickers, and hospitality supplies. The guide provides ideas for both banner displays and tent layouts.

Tips for hosting a tent include dress, general hospitality, clan and society information, opportunities for selfies and posting on social media, and the march of the clans.

A sample checklist includes the basic convener kit, event materials, tent set-up supplies, displays, hospitality items, personal items, and other useful supplies.

Examples of guides are included from Clan Forbes Society, Clan Davidson, Clan Wallace Society Worldwide, Clan Hay, and Clan MacLaren Society of North American.

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