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House of Forbes for Kids

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The Clan Forbes Society is proud to announce the publication of House of Forbes for Kids, a new heritage activity book for children of all ages. This 84-page spiral-bound publications includes outlines for coloring, drawing activities, puzzles, and even the opportunity to start a family tree.

“Many of our members started going to Highland Games and Scottish Festivals at an early age,” said Barry Robert (Bart) Forbes, president of the Clan Forbes Society. “We wanted to provide the next generation with a fun way to connect with their Forbes heritage – and engage their parents, as well!”

Malcolm, Lord Forbes, & Geordie, Master of Forbes

The foreword is provided by 10-year-old Geordie, Master of Forbes. He notes “I am learning the bagpipes and am passionately interested in Scottish heritage and particularly Clan Forbes.”

The opening pages explain the origins of the House of Forbes from bell beaker people, the Picts, and the warriors of Dal Riata.

The first section includes coloring outlines and descriptions for such Forbes castles and mansion houses as Castle Forbes, Craigievar Castle, Tolquhon Castle, Pitsligo Castle, Corgarff Castle, Fyvie Castle, and Culloden House. Many of the Forbes coats of arms are included such as Forbes of Forbes, Forbes of Granard, Forbes of Newe, and Forbes-Leith of Fyvie.

Brief biographies and outlines are included for some of the more famous members of the House of Forbes, such as Duncan Forbes, Lord President of the Court of Sessions; Brigadier General John Forbes, founder of Pittsburgh; Admiral John Forbes; painter Anne Forbes; Pulitzer prize winning writer Esther Forbes, first director of the British Women’s Auxiliary Air Force Dame Katherine Jane Trefusis Forbes; and Forbes Magazine founder B.C. Forbes.

The chief researcher and writer is Bart Forbes who has been active in Scottish heritage organizations for over 25 years. The artist is young Glaswegian DHShields, who received his honours degree in Computer Animation & Digital Art in 2011. He developed his skills as a Digital Creator by producing travel videos and blending videography, speedpaintings and animation techniques for events and festivals. Educational Advisor is Kathryn (Pearson) Tisdale, a lifelong Clan Forbes member. She is both a licensed general education teacher (Pre-K-6) and a licensed Reading Specialist (K-12). She is an avid reader and learner with 20 years teaching experience in Virginia. She was assisted by her two children, Tyler (12) and Kinsey (10) who love attending the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and the Virginia Scottish Games with their grandfather, Ron Pearson.

The book is not for sale but is available to all 2021 Active Members of the Clan Forbes Society. For more information, contact President Bart Forbes at


Society Advice: Young people are the future of your clan and your organization. You should develop some specific activities that young people would enjoy. Ask their parents! Your projects would not only attract young people but engage their parents who tend to be younger than the usual leaders of Scottish heritage societies. Many games and festivals use "passports" for kids so that they can get stamps and stickers at all the clan tents. How can you build on that? What do you have for their parents?

Society Successes: How has your society successfully engaged young people and their parents? How would you advise other societies? Would you be willing to assist other societies with setting up similar projects?

Send your suggestions and comments to Thanks!

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